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McKinney, TX (October 7, 2011) – Leading wireless operator selects Developing Solutions®’ dsTest platform to verify performance of their Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) and Diameter Routing Agent (DRA).

Developing Solutions, the leading provider of Policy and Charging Control and Subscriber Management test solutions, announced that a Tier 1 North American wireless carrier has selected Developing Solutions’ dsTest PCRF and DRA test solutions. The dsTest platform can simulate real-world load scenarios for the PCRF and DRA in order to verify both the functional requirements and operational load. A single dsTest server can scale up to support more than 5,000 emulated nodes, hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, and more than 100 million simulated subscribers.

“Policy management in 3G and LTE networks is becoming crucial as carriers deploy tiered services. As the complexity of policy implementations increases, testing the PCRF’s capability and capacity becomes increasingly challenging and mission critical,” said John Minnis, Vice President at Developing Solutions. “dsTest was designed specifically for these situations. We provide the ability to create a realistic mix of subscriber and network-initiated events across any and all control interfaces with real-time user control.”

About dsTest

dsTest focuses on the Subscriber Management, PCC, and SMS interfaces in the mobile packet core network. Our Interface applications can simulate and validate the stability and performance of network elements, and our HSS, PCRF, and Charging server emulators can be passive or active participants in the lab, and enable lab network administrators to quickly and easily configure subscriber and policy settings.

dsTest scales to support thousands of network connections, tens of millions of subscribers, and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second from a single server.

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