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The decommissioning of 2G and 3G networks need quick actions

When VoLTE subscribers roam internationally or even within their own countries, their voice calls will most likely use a local 3G network rather than a local 4G LTE network. This is not ideal for operators or their customers. While roaming on 3G networks, subscribers don’t have access to the rich VoLTE features they enjoy on their home networks. And until VoLTE roaming becomes pervasive, operators can’t shut down legacy 3G networks and re-use that spectrum for advanced 4G or 5G services, which is one of the main benefits of VoLTE.  
Mobileum provides a range of VoLTE enabling products that ensures the quality of services and takes the hassle out of deploying VoLTE roaming for operators.

Mobileum Roaming Software Portfolio

Discover why Mobileum product portfolio is changing the roaming landscape worldwide.

How Mobileum can enable and monetize VoLTE roaming

VoLTE Policy Management
Policy management is not only necessary to offer innovative services, packaging, and pricing, but also to link between the subscriber, services offered, and how the service is being used, while also offering additional controls to help mitigate network capacity and quality of services.
Dynamic VoLTE Steering
When choosing an IoT provider your customers want to ensure that your solution is the best one for their business. Benefit from a range of IoT steering of roaming (SoR) options, each individually designed to meet their business-specific needs.
VoLTE Testing
Mobileum offers advanced testing services to help MNOs meet a regulator, partner, and customer network requirements, as well as quality, user experience, and performance requirements to ensure devices and systems remain safe, secure, and reliable to use.

Intelligent Steering can ensure the best customer experience and profitability

While roaming there will be scenarios where home operator only has VoLTE roaming agreement with 1 or 2 operators in a specific country. To add to the complexity there may be some operators with pure LTE network, i.e. no option of Circuit switch (CS) fallback for voice and SMS. Therefore, the home network needs to define steering policies that ensure roaming subscribers get quality voice service availability without interruption while still maintaining wholesale commitments.

Mobileum’s VoLTE steering allows operators to automatically detect multiple variables in real-time and check VoLTE service compatibility between devices and the network to define custom steering policies for VoLTE roamers. With this, MNOs can ensure that only VoLTE subscribers with the right handsets and profile are steered to pure LTE networks, while other subscribers can be kept on 3G networks.

Make customer experience a key enabler for the VoLTE business

Operators worldwide are transforming their networks to pure LTE with the closure of their 3G networks, making VoLTE mandatory for voice. Taking advantage of machine learning and sophisticated CX algorithms, Mobileum’s Roaming Customer Experience Management (RCEM) supports operators with a real-time understanding of VoLTE roaming performance. RCEM is compliant to GSMA IR.81, which defines the standard VoLTE roaming KPIs including VoLTE registration, calls, and SMS.
Mobileum’s RCEM, works in tandem with the Steering product to determine in real-time, whether the roamer is a VoLTE customer, to steer the subscribers to the best VoLTE network in terms of quality of service and profitability whenever there is a relevant agreement in place.

Policy management can enhance the call completion rates

With VoLTE, all call controls reside at the home IMS core, so theoretically home TAS (Telephony Application Server) can perform most of the required policy control functions such as call correction and shortcode translation. However, TAS is typically not overloaded with multiple roaming related use cases, like Geo local number corrections and shortcode translations that are VPMN-specific.

Mobileum’s Policy Management platform enables intelligent Call Correction and Shortcode translation based on subscriber’s location and ensure a seamless calling experience.

Mobileum provides a stack of products to accelerate VoLTE Roaming

VoLTE Roaming Establishment & Testing
To ensure the quality of service while roaming, quality monitoring platforms need to be enhanced to monitor VoLTE KPIs such as Voice Call Establishment, Accessibility, Retainability, and Speech Quality. Get accurate roaming metrics such as delay, packet loss, drops, and more, in order to get the true performance of VoLTE.

Roaming Wholesale Management
VoLTE roaming also makes commercial sense - as many pure LTE networks are offering very competitive wholesale rates to acquire VoLTE in-roamers, helping MNOs reduce costs and increase margins. Mobileum’s provides products for end-to-end management of wholesale agreements, including budgeting, agreement creation, forecasting, simulation, performance tracking, invoice settlement, and deal review.

Roaming Quality Management
Taking advantage of machine learning and sophisticated CX algorithms, Mobileum RCEM supports operators with a real-time understanding of VoLTE roaming performance. MNOs can also take advantage of Mobileum automated steering to ensure that only VoLTE subscribers with the right handsets are steered to pure LTE networks, while other subscribers can be kept on 3G networks.
Roaming Retail Management
Enabling VoLTE roaming is a step in the right direction to creating network differentiation and delivering inbound roamers a better user experience while ensuring profitability for the MNO. With VoLTE, and Mobileum's retail management capabilities you will be able to deliver targeted packages  for roamers to experience faster call setup times and clear, natural-sounding audio,
Infrastructure management
Mobileum has a full stack of components in place to reduce risk, offer simplicity and monetization capabilities for operators that want to ride their VoLTE roaming implementations while guaranteeing interoperability in all-packet infrastructures.
VoLTE Managed Services
Mobileum’s VoLTE Managed Services(MS), is an output-based model where Mobileum owns end to end or partial responsibility for VoLTE Roaming testing and launch.  Mobileum’sMS offering enables an operator to de-risk from people’s dependency and easily scale VoLTE roaming agreements across the globe by taking care of all key aspects of VoLTE roaming

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Wholesale Roaming Strategies & Competitive Landscape White Paper

Get profitability analytics to measure the performance of VoLTE roaming

Showing all aspects of the roaming business, including results, takes time and effort. Manual preparation of reports can lead to inadvertent errors. Critical to operational excellence is the ability to run automated roaming reports, which provide the hard data required by strategic managers to make informed decisions.

Mobileum’s roaming data analytics provides real-time roaming performance data. These data insights make VoLTE roaming forecasting and budget management tools a powerful ally to automate the planning, forecasting, and budget process while enabling roaming Inter Operator Tariff (IOT) discount negotiations to be more profitable. Roaming data analytics provide roaming pack profitability analysis, which provides insights into possible cost savings by moving calls from Circuit switch to VoLTE per partner.

Reduce the legacy infrastructure costs with Mobileum’s Smart Mediator

Post 2G/3G sunsets, many network elements will become obsolete for domestic subscribers like CAMEL Prepaid System, HLR & GGSN, but these legacy nodes are still required for Out-roaming into 2G/3G Partners. Maintaining these nodes only for out-roamers can be expensive. Mobileum’s Smart Mediator is an advanced multi-protocol platform, which provides a range of Interworking Functions to interwork between Legacy (2G/3G) and new technology (LTE/VoLTE), enabling an operator to retire legacy node without any impact.

Smart Mediator provides various interworking functions across 2G/3G/4G standards like CAMEL to Diameter, MAP to Diameter, GTPv0 to GTPv1, etc. This helps the operator to achieve significant savings in-licenses and support costs for legacy nodes.

Get Impact Analysis of 2G/3G Sunset

Before the operator decides on shutting down 2G/3G network, the business team will need insights into the potential impact of the same.
Mobileum’s WBA and Customer Experience management together can provide insights highlighting the same. Such insight is very useful for business teams to do revenue lost vs cost saved analysis and prioritize VoLTE roaming agreements.
  • Average Number of inbound devices per partner network.
  • Current Wholesale revenue of these devices per partner network.
  • Permanent roaming devices per partner network (Permanent roaming period is a configurable per partner).


As operators sunset their 2G/3G networks, they can no longer offer CS fallback for voice and SMS to in-roamers. The only option to provide voice service is via VoLTE, which requires VoLTE roaming agreements. However, VoLTE agreements take time and some home networks may even not be ready with VoLTE. This could be potential revenue loss for an operator, as the home network will want to steer their subscribers to competitor networks to guarantee voice and SMS services. Mobileum’s RoamFlow helps operators overcome this issue by enabling VoLTE for In-Roamers without VoLTE Roaming Agreement.