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Solutions for Testing Diameter Routing

dsTest has simplified testing of the Diameter core signaling network, including VoLTE testing. With one command, you can increase the rate at which subscribers connect to the HSS, PCRF, OCS and OFCS. The configuration allows you to increase or decrease the percentage of subscribers that place a VoLTE call.  All transactions are stateful and correlated to a range of subscribers you configure.

Isolate individual nodes or test them as a system. The tool allows you to explore the performance boundaries of all of your core network nodes.  You will have confidence that the network you are building supports the traffic conditions you expect.

Developing Solutions can demonstrate the testing of Subscriber Management, Policy Control, Online Charging and Offline Charging.   We can show you how easy it is to modify scenarios to match the behavior of the subscribers in your network on a scale that exceeds 100 million LTE subscribers.


DRA, Diameter Router Agent


Complex Policy Implementation

Policy management in the UMTS, CDMA, and LTE networks is one of the fastest growing sectors of the market.  As the demand for sophisticated policy implementations increases, testing the Policy, Charging, and Rules Function (PCRF) becomes more difficult and more critical.  The push to deliver voice over LTE (VoLTE) is accelerating this migration.

The PCRF requires a test solution that has high capacity in terms of subscriber count and transactions per second, flexibility in terms of support for vendor-specific information, and coordination across interfaces.

Identify Routing Bottlenecks

The Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) is a critical component of the LTE core network.  Among its many responsibilities is that of balancing Diameter signaling in the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) between clients and the available destination servers. Not only does a DRA balance the load but it must maintain session state when interacting with certain servers to ensure that subscriber activity is properly tracked.

Implement Flexible Simulations

dsTest utilizes a Subscriber Profile Repository (SPR) to host subscriber entries. Multiple emulated nodes can utilize the SPR to create complex signaling traffic across many interfaces. In addition to the subscriber information, each subscriber profile includes a SmartProfile, which allows definition of subscriber behavior and supplemental information.

Customize Behavior

The SmartEvents feature gives the ability to extend the state machine of an interface application and to define the behavior of individual subscribers or groups of subscribers.  The user can:

  • Modify the behavior of an application
  • Trigger client-initiated, server-initiated, or network-initiated procedures based on time or on the result of another procedure
  • Coordinate the actions of multiple interface applications to simulate subscriber activity

Customize Messages

The SmartAVP feature can be used to insert, delete, or replace AVPs in Diameter messages.  SmartAVP enables the definition of proprietary signaling or introduction of corrupt AVPs to facilitate negative testing.  In conjunction with SmartEvents, SmartAVPs allows exact specification of when the SmartAVPs are used.  dsTest provides other tools for Diameter compliance testing.

Performance and Capacity

dsTest is leading the performance testing market.  Interface applications are completely stateful and capable of generating hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

With a single one rack unit server, dsTest can host more than 200,000,000 simulated subscribers.  It can also scale to beyond 5,000 emulated nodes to create a virtual network that routes various traffic types towards the device under test.

Unlike some test tools, dsTest provides stateful, standards-based applications that react appropriately to both expected and unexpected events without the need for scripting.  Where dsTest surpasses all other tools is in its capacity, its performance, and the ease with which scenarios and messages can be customized, allowing test goals to be easily achieved.

dsTest is the only solution on the market today that can deliver hundreds of thousands of stateful Diameter transactions per second from clients and servers to test the DRA’s ability to proxy, redirect, and relay.  Traffic simulating subscriber activity from thousands of clients (simulated PCEFs, HSGWs, MMEs, ASs) routed via DRA to hundreds of servers (emulated PCRFs, HSSs, OFCS and OCSs).

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General Reference Guides

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