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The Online Charging System (OCS) Emulator provides Mobile Subscriber online charging services for PGW testing in LTE networks and CSCF testing in the IMS with Diameter Credit Control Application (DCCA) server simulation.  Use the OCS Emulator to validate charging enforcement function performance and credit policy compliance in a realistic network environment with a mix of subscriber profiles and services, replicating a deployed configuration.  Use the Sy Interface to test Spending Limit functionality, capacity and performance of your PCRF.  Use multiple emulators and interfaces to test Diameter Routing, Proxies, Relay Agents, and Redirect Agents.

Network Interface Support

Both core network (Gy) and IMS (Ro) interfaces are supported and can be used simultaneously to service credit requests and reports for a shared subscriber database.  The simulated DCCA server supports the following charging scenarios:

  • Immediate event charging (IEC);
  • Event charging with unit reservation (ECUR);
  • Session-based charging with unit reservation (SCUR).dsTest, Developing Solutions, Sy Interface, PCRF Testing, OCS Testing

Configurable services, quota allocation rules, credit pools, tariffs, and subscriber profiles give you the flexibility to fully test charging strategies for new prepaid services before they are deployed in a live network, or to test a charging enforcement function’s usage reporting and termination behavior, eliminating the need to dedicate a production server to lab activities.  You can re-configure credit balances with run-time commands to simulate the expiration of credit.

The Sy application implements the following procedures OCS:

  •  Notification of spending limit policy counter changes.

Emulator ConfigurationsdsTest, Developing Solutions, Ro Emulation, PGW Testing, PCEF Testing, CSCF Testing

One OCS Emulator can support any mixture of the interfaces shown in the diagram above, up to a maximum of 1000 client connections. Multiple OCS Emulators can be instantiated on a single server.  In this mode each emulator can support multiple interfaces, up to an aggregate of 1000 client connections across all emulators.  The OCS nodes are fully independent and their subscriber configurations may be independent, overlap, or be duplicated.