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Fraud and Risk Intelligence for MVNO

Addressing the MVNO Fraud and Risk challenges.

Business Assurance Analytics for MVNOs

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNOs) mostly run their services over a mobile network operator (MNO) infrastructure with minimal involvement in handling network and business support systems. As such, depending on the MVNO type, elements necessary to sell and deliver services to an end-user including radio spectrum allocation, wireless network infrastructure, backhaul infrastructure, billing, customer care, provisioning systems, and marketing, can all be outsourced or subcontracted.

While they have an advantage with faster go-to-market, limited network visibility, and control, it means the MVNO’s business is equally vulnerable to fraud and revenue assurance challenges. Depending on the particular mode of operation of the virtual network operator, Mobileum’s RAID offers preconfigured auditing modules that help to assure and maximize revenues. 

Monitor your host mobile network operator invoices

An MVNO that does not possess its own OSS/BSS infrastructure buys network capacity (minutes/data traffic), as close to the base level as possible (wholesale rates), and invests in a service infrastructure of its own.  Incoming statements and invoices from the base operator should be checked against the data generated by the internal systems of the MVNOs, primarily to ensure the MVNO is billing their customers the same number of minutes and data volumes as the Base Operator is charging them. Mobileum’s RAID Rating and Billing Validation (RBV) provides an automated auditing mechanism that simplifies the complex tasks around rating and charging in a multi-MNO and multi-price service provider environment.

Increase Your Revenue Assurance Maturity by Deploying RAID

Provisioning Assurance
Audit order management and provisioning processes along the OSS and the network to deliver the exceptional service desired by customers, while eliminating revenue leakages and poor customer experience.
Usage Assurance
End-to-end approach for monitoring and controlling revenue leakage in telecom environments due to the misalignment of Charging Data Records.
Billing and Rating Validation
Provides an independent rating audit to identify billing errors due of the diversity of rates and pricing schemes in a 5G environment. Monitors the billing process with raw data validated against historical and statistical data or against other data sources to assure correct invoicing.

Monitor the accuracy of order management, provisioning and (de)activation

MVNOs lease network capacity from existing mobile carriers and then perform service activations and provisioning under their own brand names that are different from the MNO names. To ensure correct invoicing and billing, all the subscribers of the MVNO should be provisioned accurately for their respective services and that the subscriber/services should also be consistent in the home location register (HLR) and the Billing System. Mobileum offers a provisioning assurance solution that performs auditing of the customer along with their service provisioning in complex network environments, entailing dozens of sub-processes that involve multiple systems, departments, and partner organizations.

Real-time Prepaid balance Validation

The global MVNO market value is expected to reach $98.0 billion by 2023, advancing at a CAGR of 9.7%. A significant part of this can be attributed to the rapid growth of the prepaid subscriber base of MVNOs. For such MVNOs, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the minute/dollar validations of their customers are accurately audited for their usages and top-ups. Mobileum’s RAID prepaid balance validation solution offers the capability of real-time auditing of prepaid subscriber balances by collecting and processing multiple data including Prepaid Payment Tickets, Prepaid Usage (e.g. from IN SCP), Prepaid Subscriber Profile Data (e.g. from IN SDP), Activation / Deactivation Data, Voucher Logs, Bonuses, Promotions and so on.

Determining Revenue generated and Cost by effective Margin Analytics

MVNOs have historically performed best in saturated or near-saturated markets, where they can challenge established brands with differentiated offerings. But these are the very markets where it is most difficult for individual MVNOs to stand out. When the entry barriers are lowered, there is a downward effect on the sales price of mobile providers without their own networks. Therefore, increased competition in saturated markets, together with the disruption from digital transformation, makes it mandatory for MVNOs to refocus from top to bottom-line growth objectives. Mobileum’s RAID cost and margin analytics solution can deliver actual margins based on complex calculations arising out the Incoming Partner Statements from all the MNOs vis-à-vis the invoice generated by the MVNO for its own subscribers.

How MVNOs can manage the ever-evolving fraud challenges

Validate Subscriptions
Perform real-time digital identity verification using adaptive rule libraries along with machine learning and data mining techniques to authenticate genuine subscribers. Evaluate risk associated with subscribers and take business decisions such as providing access to services and content.
Manage Illegal
Get unrivalled access to the global database and effectively identify potential revenue share fraud incidents before they start. The list covers virtually all destinations and is automatically updated every four weeks to keep the database current.
SIP Trunking
Signalling networks are using various protocols such as SS7 or SIP, which are susceptible to a variety of fraudulent attacks. Mobileum’s RAID fraud management solution combined with a voice firewall can help MVNO’s detect and prevent fraud occurring on various signalling protocols as well as blocking fraud attacks in real-time.
With IoT/M2M device usage increasing significantly around the globe, MVNOs are poised to witness a surge in traffic. This increases the need to identify illegal IoT/M2M device usage and detect potential fraud enhancing customer experience.
Test potential FAS or CS scenario by utilizing Mobileum’s combined offering of Test Call generator along with RAID FMS. Leverage Mobileum’s voice biometric analytics capabilities and quickly detect cases of fraud and stop being charged for illegal calls.
Co-engineered with Security 
Address both fraud and security leveraging highly advanced fraud detection models along with proven in-depth security firewalls. Contextually analyze fraud challenges and take preventive measures using Mobileum Active Intelligence™ platform.

Monitor your dealer network to assure sales and revenue

Manage your dealer partner ecosystems, commission structures, accounting points and revenue assurance through the Mobileum partner assurance solution and audit all the transactions and processes required to calculate complex commission payments. Utilize out-of-the-box performance reports to measure your dealers' performance, detect potential abuse and identify top-performing partners. 

Assuring IoT MVNO value chain

The rise of global IoT MVNOs reflects the benefits of cellular technologies when it comes to connecting things. For an MVNO, IoT will be one of the many services it will have to monetize and deliver via exciting packages. Therefore, business assurance analytics becomes all the more critical. A centralized charging system like the Online Charging System (OCS) charges all services including IoT in the same place, allowing for the creation of a single invoice that reflects all service charges in a single bill. Mobileum provides the right solutions for IoT MVNOs to assurance and protects their revenues.

Proactively test your global MNO partner networks for seamless customer experience

MVNOs may partner with multiple MNOs over wide geography to provide the broadest possible coverage. Most of the times these partner MNOs have different OSS/BSS networks, separate Terms and Conditions and so on. The Challenge for an MVNO is to provide its own customers with a seamless experience while they are being serviced by different partner MNOs at different points in time. Utilize Mobileum’s Active Testing Solution to analyze your partner network and provide non-disruptive services.

Thrive with 5G Network Slicing

Mobile virtual network operators have been around for a while, but with the arrival of 5G and network slicing, virtual operators of the future could look a lot different from those of today. In the 5G world, an MVNO can take a different role. For example, a wireless operator that has deployed 5G could offer an MVNO a dedicated slice of its network for carrying traffic. Still, the MVNO could then deploy its own virtual network functions (VNFs). Mobileum offers the processing power and the reliability to monitor and audit 5G distributed value chains to assure maximum revenue and guarantees customer experience in complex B2B2X business models.