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Developing Solutions is focused on protocol development, test, and traffic analysis.   dsTest provides performance and functional testing tools intended for the rapid deployment of protocols stacks.   dsTest is a software platform designed to take advantage of the latest COTS processor technology to provide very high performance and capacity products, which scale cost effectively to hundreds of millions of subscribers and 1.2 Million  transactions per second or more.

dsTest provides solutions for testing/emulating subscriber management, policy and charging, Diameter Routing, DPI, Big Data, SMS, GTP and IMS nodes with the 3G/4G/5G mobile packet core.  We provide customized variants of standard protocols or full custom protocol/applications on our flexible platform.  We also offer analysis of Diameter and GTP traffic with our dsAnalyzer tool.

Our Specialties include:dsTest, Developing Solutions, LTE Testing, EPC Testing, VoLTE Testing, VoWiFi Testing, eMBMS Testing


dsTest is used by independent test agencies to verify both performance and functionality of manufacturers’ network equipment:

dsTest is known for its capacity and performance testing capabilities, providing stateful, standards-based applications that react appropriately to both expected and unexpected events, simplifying the process of performance testing the signaling core.

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dsTest also provides many tools for compliance and functional testing of EPC interfaces and protocols.

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We have several Use Cases that demonstrate dsTest use in various aspects of LTE testing:

General Reference Guides

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