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The Home Location Register (HLR) Emulator allows you to validate network performance and capacity in a realistic network environment with a mix of subscriber profiles, replicating a deployed configuration.  As an HLR simulator, it provides mobile subscriber data repository, authentication information, and routing information services for SGSN, GGSN, GMSC, VLR, gsmSCF, and WLAN AAA testing in UMTS networks.

Network Interface Support

The following 3G HLR interfaces are supported:

When an HLR Emulator is configured with multiple interfaces, it can support interaction between the interfaces, and multiple Gr interfaces enables support for SGSN-SGSN mobility.  Execute timed chains of test events with a run-time command or use SmartEvents during an automated test to trigger HLR initiated procedures.

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One HLR Emulator can support any mixture of the interfaces shown in the diagram above, up to a maximum of 1000 client connections.  Multiple HLR Emulators can be instantiated on a single server.  In this mode each emulator can support multiple interfaces, up to an aggregate of 1000 client connections across all emulators.  The HLR nodes are fully independent and their subscriber configurations may also be independent, overlap, or be duplicated.