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The Gateway Mobile Services Switching Center (GMSC) Emulator provides Short Message Service Center processing support in 3G/4G/5G networks.  The emulator incorporates the functionality of an SMS-GMSC, an SMS Interworking Mobile Services Switching Center (IWMSC), and an SMS Service Center (SMS-SC).  In addition to supporting MO and MT short messages within a UMTS network, the GMSC Emulator can support MO short messages that transit an IMS network en route to their destinations.

Network Interface Support

The dsTest GMSC Emulator supports the  following MAP and Diameter interfaces.  These interfaces can be used simultaneously to support Short Message Service procedures.

The GMSC Emulator initiates the appropriate procedure when receiving an MO or MT short message, eliminating the need to dedicate a production server to lab activities.  You can manually forward MT short messages by executing a test event chain with a run-time command or during an automated test.

Emulator Configurations

One GMSC Emulator can support any mixture of the interfaces shown in the diagram above, up to a maximum of 1000 client connections.  Multiple GMSC Emulators can be instantiated on a single server. In this mode each emulator can support multiple interfaces, up to an aggregate of 1000 client connections across all emulators.  The GMSC nodes are fully independent and their subscriber configurations may be independent, may overlap, or may be duplicated.