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Diameter Dictionary

Message Validation

The dsTest Diameter Dictionary feature allows you to define sets of message templates against which some or all messages can be validated.

Three levels of dictionary validation are available:Diameter Conformance Testing, Diameter Dictionary, RADIUS Dictionary, S1 Dictionary

  • dsTest Base Diameter Dictionary – dsTest is delivered with a comprehensive base Diameter Dictionary for all supported interface applications;
  • User Defined Diameter Dictionary – The user can define a dictionary that can will be checked prior to the base dictionary;
  • Custom message template definitions – Each test case can contain specific message templates against which a message will be check before the user-defined or base dictionaries.

The user can choose which levels of validation to use, if any.  All message validation is optional, and the use of the user-defined and base dictionary validation are optional and their use can be configured in individual test cases as needed.

Received messages are checked against the dictionary(s) for a template of that message type with a matching number and type and content of AVPs.  The values of AVPs may be defined to a specific value, a list of acceptable values, a range of values, and/or minimum and maximum size.  This allows validation of specific scenarios by using multiple templates for messages of the same type, effectively providing content validation.

These dictionaries can be configured to verify functional compliance to all supported specifications and applications, and is highly optimized to run under moderate load levels, which supports compliance validation under load conditions.

In addition to dictionary validation, our SmartAVP feature  can be used to insert, delete, or replace Diameter AVPs in messages.  SmartAVP enables the definition of optional, proprietary or vendor-specific signaling or introduction of corrupt or invalid AVPs to facilitate negative testing.  When used in conjunction with SmartEvents, SmartAVP allows precise control of AVPs within any Diameter message exchange.

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General Diameter Reference

To aid configuration of test scenarios, the Diameter Dictionary and dsTest Help are cross-referenced on a protocol basis to allow easy correlation between the schema element and the AVPs and messages that the schema element may affect.

The description of each schema element in the dsTest Help documentation includes a list of protocol specific messages that are affected by the element.  The message name(s) are each linked back to the Diameter Dictionary description of that message.

The dictionary contains a list of supported Diameter protocol applications, each of which contains a table of messages and message codes valid for that application.  Each message description contains a table of AVPs valid for that message.  The  AVP description table includes a “Value Source” column that has protocol specific information, including a link to the dsTest Help topic describing the schema element and its use in the AVP.

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