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Risk Management for Cable MSO

Automated auditing for business assurance and improved customer experience.

Business assurance analytics for the Cable MSO market

Over the years, the multiple-system operator (MSO) market has proven itself to be quite powerful. Cable MSOs, have provided SMB services for a long time. With the advent of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business model, many Cable MSOs have started launching targeted consumer wireless offerings as MVNOs to protect and increase their market share. At the same time, Cable MSOs are focused on aggressively reducing the operational costs of delivering services and turning their attention to new revenue-generating opportunities.
Mobileum has a multitude of business assurance solutions that can support MSOs by assuring and protecting the release of new revenue streams.

Get technology upgrade/migration & transformation assurance

Cable MSOs, strategies, and business-model transformations are spawning software-defined networking (SDN) to integrate OSS and BSS, extended investment in DOCSIS, and implementing the roadmap toward an all-IP future. At the same time, competition in the shrinking Pay-TV market is opening the door for teaming up with partners to provide OTT services and become fully-fledged wireless providers. Due to the dynamic nature of technological changes and data integrity requirements, Cable MSOs now face the added challenge of migrating data from legacy systems.
Get more details on how to assure the technological transformation of the core network and BSS without affecting customer experience and service revenue.

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Over 750 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

How Mobileum can support the Cable MSO industry growth

Margin Analytics 
We can deliver detailed information on a Cable MSO' margins and profits, delivered through a comprehensive analysis of the full telecom value-chain
  • Integration with network fault management
  • Machine learning based analytics
  • Average margin per user (AMPU) analytcs.
  • Monitor customer aqusition and retention costs
Billing Validation
Cable MSOs often use bundling as a strategic weapon to increase margins and market share. If the invoice creation is not accuralety monitored, bundles can lead to revenue leakage or negative customer experience.
  • Audits prepaid, postpaid and hybrid promotion and discount modules based on flexible criteria
  • Ready for dynamic pricing policies & Multi service bundles
  • Audit lifecycle policies and implement real-time rating for post- and prepaid subscribers, apply restrictions and capping in real-time.
Provisioning Assurance
For communication service providers, order fulfillment is at the heart of driving business. Customer expectations are extremely high and MSOs need to fulfill orders quickly and with the highest degree of accuracy.
  • Controls for a catalog-driven approach during order management
  • Real-time controls during upgrades and downgrades incurring from up-sell and cross-sell opportunities 
  • Specific controls design for the Cable MSO market

Protect and assure the Internet of Things in the home environment

Cable operators already have a presence in the home with equipment and a fleet of service personnel. MSO customer service centers are already answering millions of calls for MSO products and services as well as products and services they do not sell. This provides an opportunity to explore IoT service areas such as home security (monitoring, access control, automated lighting, etc.), connected appliances (refrigerator, washer/drier, whole house vacuum, etc.), HVAC systems, among others.
Check how we can protect connected devices against security and fraud vulnerabilities on the Internet of Things (IoT) while assuring critical operations and networks.

Monitor and audit the partner agreements and the dealers performance

As Cable MSOs move towards offering new innovative solutions more frequently, managing sales performance and commission plans is becoming increasingly more complex. Mobileum can help transform cable operations by delivering the tools that accelerate sales incentive management programs. These tools provide comprehensive incentive modeling capabilities and automated calculations. This way, you can keep your incentive programs agile in the light of changing market conditions and new business priorities.

Stop getting charging mistakes with the deployment of automatic auditing technology

Bundles of services, allows Cable MSOs to allocate fixed costs across a range of services and can have beneficial effects, such as the convenience of unified billing, new possibilities for innovation and discounts for consumers and business. The inherent complexity of customer-driven pricing schemes, along with the never-ending amount of new products and services, create an overwhelming task of ensuring accurate billing every cycle.
Using Mobileum’s Revenue assurance software, instead of manual reviews, Cable MSOs can be confident of their process to catch errors and abuses in billing, which can lead to customer churn or legal fines.

Mobileum Risk Management Software Portfolio

Discover why Mobileum is the most trusted software vendor by Telecom companies all over the globe to manage their Revenue Assurance activities.

Secure the omnichannel customer acquisition from identity fraud

Subscription Fraud is a serious concern for the Cable MSO industry, with proceeds and services used by organized crime and terrorist networks. Cross-channel fraud is one of the latest strategies, and it is causing trouble for Cable MSO operators and their digital strategy as they embrace the omnichannel payment and customer acquisition revolution. Mobileum delivers a market-proven solution empowered by machine learning that supports operators detect fraud that starts in one channel and moves into another in real-time. 

Check how Mobileum can provide a layered approach to defeat the fraudsters in every step of the application process and stop the attacks.

Monitor network and operational costs get the insights to improve margins

The cable industry is in a strong position to partner with wireless operators in providing critical backhaul infrastructure. At the same time, Cable MSOs are increasing their share of the pay-TV market, even when competing with OTT streaming video players that provide ‘skinny’ bundles. As Cable MSOs expand the use and depth of analytics on partnerships and services, they can uncover additional expense management and revenue opportunities to improve their margins.
Check how Mobileum’s margin analytics can help Cable MSOs to improve visibility on their margins as the companies develop new partnerships

Risk Management for Cable MSOs

Discover why Mobileum's platform is the most trusted software by Telecom companies all over the globe to manage their risk management activities

Protect IP communications from telecom fraud

With all IP architecture, Cable MSOs can offer new voice and multimedia services to their subscribers for additional revenue, as well as substantially reduce operating costs by footprint and power consumption reduction.  Operators have long been aware of traditional telco fraud entry points, but with virtual PBXs, they and their end-users are also susceptible to imaginative internet hackers. As a result, fraud loss continues.

Check how Mobileum’s Fraud Management Solutions can help Cable MSOs to protect against IP fraud.

Montior and audit the order to cash for enterprise and residential customers

The provision of bundled communication services can increase operationally complex, often entailing dozens of sub-processes that involve multiple systems, departments, and partner organizations from the facilities-based networks providing bundled offers. Accurate service and customer provisioning are essential to the success of Cable MSOs as they can accelerate the revenue generation process as well as the customer experience.
Mobileum is the leading provider of Revenue Assurance technology that enables organizations to automate auditing, monitor, and optimize revenue assurance procedures during the entire order management lifecycle, from order capture to order fulfillment and charging.