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C-SGN Emulator

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The dsTest Cellular Serving Gateway Node (C-SGN) Emulator provides the Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway (SGW), and PDN Gateway (PGW) functionality required of a C-SGN  in the Machine Type Communications (MTC) network segment.     dsTest provides the Control Plane and User Plane optimizations and other features that have been specified for CIoT network implementations, including those for the S1, S5/S8, and S11 interfaces, including:

  • Dedicated Core Networks (DCN)
  • Multi-Operator Core Networks (MoCN)
  • Low Access Priority Indication
  • Extended TAU/Power Savings Mode
  • No PDN NAS Procedures
  • extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX)
  • SMS Delivery over S1

Network Interface Support

The dsTest C-SGN Emulator provides the MME/SGW/PGW functionality to support for MTC/CIoT testing with the  following interfaces:

  • S1 (eNodeB <–> C-SGN/MME, eNobeB <–> C-SGN/SGW)
  • S11 (C-SGN/MME <–> C-SGN/SGW)
  • S5 (C-SGN/SGW <–> C-SGN/PGW)
  • S6 (C-SGN/MME <–> HSS)
  • SGd/Gdd (C-SGN/MME <-> GMSC)
  • Nq (C-SGN/MME <–> RCAF)
  • Gx (PGW/C-SGN <–> PCRF)
  • Ro/Gy (C-SGN/PGW <–> OCS)
  • Rf/Gz (MTC-IWF ↔ OFCS, C-SGN/PGW <–> OFCS)

In addition to the C-SGN interface support, dsTest also provides simulation of the following interfaces to provide end-to-end testing capability for the CIoT/NB-IoT network:

  • S6m/S6n (MTC-IWF ↔ HSS/MTC-AAA)
  • S6t (SCEF ↔ HSS)
  • T6a/T6b (SCEF  <-> C-SGN/MME
  • Tsp (MTC-IWF ↔ SCS)
  • Rx (SCEF <–> PCRF)
  • Np (RCAF <–> PCRF)
  • Ns (SCEF <–> RCAF)
  • Nt (SCEF <–> PCRF)
  • Nu (SCEF <–> PFDF)
  • ReST APIs (SCEF <–> SCS/AS)

dsTest supports additional EPC network interface applications, emulators and simulators to provide an overall testing solution, and provides many tools for compliance and functional testing of EPC nodes, interfaces and protocols:

Comprehensive sets of Operational Measurements (OMs) for the C-SGN Emulator, interface applications, S1AP, User Data, plus infrastructure level OMs are collected at configurable intervals and stored in a SQLite database on the dsTest server.  Real-time measurements may be retrieved through our dsClient CLI interface or analyzed via our dsClient GUI interface.

dsTest is known for its capacity and performance testing capabilities, providing stateful, standards-based applications that react appropriately to both expected and unexpected events, simplifying the process of performance testing the signaling core.  Read more about our Performance testing capabilities.