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Developing Solutions remains committed to leading wireless core network testing with our focus on performance and functional testing, and traffic analysis.  dsTest, our software platform for the rapid deployment of protocols stacks, is designed to take advantage of the latest processor and virtualization technology in order to provide very high performance and capacity products.

While the 5G Next Generation Core (NGC/5GC) standards within the 5G System (5GS) are still being developed, Developing Solutions continues to add applications and functionality to dsTest that will allow early 5GC testing.  The 5G NG core will be mostly cloud based, and make use of the work done on virtualizing the Evolved Packet Core (EPC).  dsTest supports NFV, with OpenStack™ cloud, Amazon™ cloud, and other hypervisor  implementations.  Instances of dsTest can be scaled up on multiple Virtual Machine (VM) instances as needed to solve network testing needs.

With dsTest’s range of existing LTE EPC testing applications, operators and vendors can test using the Non-Standalone (NSA) option, which couples the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) with the LTE EPC.   The standardization process has been accelerated for NSA, with a finalization target of early 2018.  Refer to our dsTest Specification Map for a description of these interfaces/reference points.

dsTest, Developing Solutions, 5GC Reference Point Architecture5G Next Generation Core Network – Reference Point Architecture
Source: 3GPP TS 23.501

The target for standards completion of the Standalone (SA) mode, which couples the 5G New Radio (NR) with the 5G NGC,  is currently set for September 2018.

Our assumptions are that the service based interfaces defined in TS 23.502 will be ReSTful.   dsTest currently supports  ReSTful APIs and  similar service oriented interfaces such as:

Our dsAnalyzer tool provides the capability to analyze multiple message  traces and generate deployable dsTest test configurations based upon the content of the traces.

When the StandAlone testing option is available, dsTest will support the service based architecture as defined in the 3GPP specifications.

5G Next Generation Core Network – Service-Based Architecture
Source: 3GPP TS 23.501