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3G/4G Packet Network Reference

Developing Solutions provides complimentary 3G/4G Packet Network mouse pads.

Get one now by filling out the contact information form below.* Available while supplies last.

All interfaces shown (and many more) are supported by Developing Solutions’ dsTest, a software platform providing rapid deployment of protocols stacks for both performance and functional testing. dsTest takes advantage of the latest processor and NFV technology providing very high performance and capacity which scale cost effectively to over 200+ million subscribers and/or 1.2 million transactions per second.

dsTest provides solutions for testing/emulating Subscriber Management,Policy and Charging, Diameter Routing, WiFi Offload, SMS, IMS, eMBMS, and CIoT/M2M/MTC nodes with the 3G/4G/5G mobile packet core. See a full list of our solutions at

If you would like to get a demonstration to discuss your testing needs and how dsTest can help you, contact us at, or click the “Please Contact Me‘ box at the end of the form below.


Mouspad Network Refernce, VoLTE Testing, EPC Testing, LTE Testing, CIoT testing

Also see our CIoT Network Reference and 5G Core Network mouse pads.

*Some international deliveries may be restricted.

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