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The table below maps the service-based operations of the 5G Core Network to reference points, service consumers, and the Stage 3 specifications governing the services. You can sort the table by clicking on any column header. Also, you can filter the content by entering any text into the Search field.

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(1) A BSF may be standalone or collocated with PCF, UDR, NRF, or SMF. No reference point is assigned.
(2) Any NF may communicate with a UDSF, an NRF or an NEF. No reference points are assigned.
(3) NSSF–NWDAF reference point was corrected in Nnwdaf v15.1 and changed from N24 to N34.
(4) No reference point has been assigned for UDM–UDR communication.
(5) Service consumer(s) were removed in v15.4