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McKinney, TX (July 29, 2015) – Developing Solutions provides a set of protocol dictionaries to aid network testing.

Diameter Dictionary

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S1 Dictionary

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General Reference Guides

The Dictionaries, prepared from standards specifications, contain a list of protocol applications, each of which contains a table of messages and message codes valid for that application or specification. Each message description contains a table of valid attributes/AVPs/IEs for that message.

Using the Dictionaries with dsTest

Each AVP/IE dictionary description table includes a “Value Source” column that has protocol specific information, including a link to the dsTest Help topic describing the schema element and its use in the AVP/IE.

Our SmartAVP feature, enhancing the use of the Dictionaries, can be used to insert, delete, or replace AVPs, Attributes, or Informational Elements (IEs) in messages.  SmartAVP enables the definition of optional, proprietary or vendor-specific signaling or introduction of corrupt or invalid AVPs/IEs to facilitate negative testing.  When used in conjunction with SmartEvents, SmartAVPs allows precise control of AVPs/IEs within any message exchange.

To aid configuration of test scenarios, the Dictionaries and dsTest Help are cross-referenced on a protocol basis to allow easy correlation between the schema element and the AVPs/IEs and messages that the schema element may affect.

The description of each schema element in the dsTest Help documentation includes a list of protocol specific messages that are affected by the element. The message name(s) are each linked back to the Diameter Dictionary description of that message.

Diameter Conformance Testing

Besides being a general reference, the dsTest Diameter Dictionary allows you to define a set of message templates against which all messages should be validated.  A dictionary may be defined as a base level which can be applied to all applications with dictionary validation enabled, or at the application level which would only be applied to a specific application.  Application level dictionaries are translucent, in that if a message or an AVP is not found in the application dictionary, the base dictionary is also searched.

Received messages are checked against the dictionary to find a template for that message type with a matching number and type of AVPs.  The values of AVPs may be defined to a specific value, a list of acceptable values, a range of values, and/or minimum and maximum size.  This allows validation of specific scenarios by using multiple templates for messages of the same type, effectively providing conditional validation.

The Diameter Dictionary can be configured to verify functional compliance to all supported specifications.  This capability is highly optimized to run under moderate load levels, which supports compliance validation under load conditions.

Contact Developing Solutions Support if you would like to see how to use the Dictionaries for conformance testing.

About dsTest

Developing Solutions’ growing collection of protocol applications and EPC testing tools gives dsTest the ability to identify problems and potential bottlenecks in the lab before they show up in the network.

dsTest runs on several distributions of Linux and is designed to take advantage of the latest processor and virtualization technology available with COTS hardware in order to provide high performance and capacity, and assists carriers and vendors in their drive toward network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined networks (SDN).  Wireless Service Providers and Network Equipment Manufacturers rely on dsTest to test performance, compliance, and reliability of their network devices and architectures.  dsTest is accompanied by the dsClient graphic user interface (GUI), which allows easy configuration and control of the tool, and provides live operational measurements monitoring in chart or tabular form.

dsTest further simplifies the process of testing the signaling core with multiple advanced testing features, such as SmartEvents, Diameter Dictionary validation, and SmartAVP customized messages.

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Diameter Dictionary

RADIUS Dictionary

S1 Dictionary

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Developing Solutions is a test equipment software development firm founded in 2002 with extensive experience in the Telecom and Datacom industries, including both NEM and test equipment manufacturers.  Developing Solutions helps carriers and equipment manufacturers avoid costly downtime by easily scaling an environment to simulate hundreds of millions of subscribers to test capacity, compliance, scalability and redundancy.  The company is located in the DFW Metroplex.