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Benchmark your roaming performance against your competitors

Testing roaming in isolation without reference to network performance indicators of other networks can lead to prolonged reaction time and revenue loss. Mobileum’s Roaming Performance Intelligence is a Software as a Service solution supported by GlobalRoamer®, an active testing platform that generates big data measurements. The Single Service Indicator (SSI) is in line with GSMA IR.81 definitions and assesses Voice, SMS, and HTTP data.

Our Roaming Performance Intelligence (RPI) solution is a unique KPI measurements methodology based on thousands of daily QoS tests run through our GlobalRoamer test platform, which covers 98% of the globe, i.e. almost 800 networks worldwide, and supports 2G, 3G, LTE, CSFB, VoLTE, IoT, 5G, and Emergency Services. Real mobile traffic can be generated and tested anywhere, anytime, by virtualizing any SIM to any location worldwide, using our SIM card pool with over 400 MVNOs.

Customer-oriented scope of service

Roaming Performance Intelligence is a solution available to Mobileum customers, who can have access to all performance data through a single subscription valid for 12 months. Customers can use their GlobalRoamer® account to execute their own tests to generate comparable data. The KPI reference values for each network are provided for the last 7 days' and a minimum of 28 samples are available. This value corresponds to an average of 4 tests per day, a reasonable minimum sample to have relevant data. The KPIs are mostly oriented to the roaming experience and focused on calls originated and terminated in roaming.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) can choose from a wide range of aggregated data, which they will retrieve for comparison against their current performance results. MNOs using the service can simply pick their current results from the “My Data” tab, and immediately start getting performance benchmark metrics against the reference data generated by every GlobalRoamer user executing tests in any given mobile network.
metrics mno achieved results

GlobalRoamer as the backbone of powerful KPIs

Mobileum’s Roaming Performance Intelligence tool allows customers to look beyond their test results and compare with other peer averages available on GlobalRoamer. The results are presented via web-based dashboards with benchmarking charts, including the last 7 days trend. They enable clients to distinguish between general poor performance and solvable issues. We offer unique benchmarking information for Operational and Roaming Management teams.

RPI is a unique reporting tool that can be used to compare the MNO results per county, or per roaming partner, against a reference value, where both “Average” and “Best-in-Class” values are presented. Our dashboards give key insights into roaming quality across all mobile operators worldwide to compare your customer’s experience against our data. This unique benchmarking information on current partners and ‘forbidden` roaming partners allow you unique insights to reevaluate your roaming strategy.
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High-level view through SSI

Mobileum’s Roaming Performance Intelligence solution offers Single Service Indicator (SSI) in line with the GSMA IR.81 definitions and uses measurements such as KPI duration, MOS values, failure ratio, case aggregation, and incident count to determine an SSI value ranging between the upper and lower scoring.

SSI is defined as follows: 
  • Voice is calculated using an algorithm based on percentages of MOS, CLI, and PDD
  • SMS is calculated using an algorithm based on percentages of SMS success ratio and end-to-end delivery time
  • HTTP data is calculated using an algorithm based on percentages of PDP activity, download rate, and HTTP session completion
  • Network Accessibility KPIs include Location Update Duration and PDP Context Activation Duration. The Success Rate is not included intentionally as this can produce false results due to the steering of roaming.
mobileum results according ssi score

Roaming Benchmarking Report 2024

An agnostic QoS and QoE comparison among roaming competitors and their partners

Flexible dashboard structure

The Roaming Performance Intelligence (RPI) dashboard enables customers to display the results per geographical area and per country operator. The results originated in each mobile operator are displayed in every dashboard and they can be filtered by different call scenarios and technologies, or any combination of them. Furthermore, it is possible to limit the reference data to the Home Region (HPLMN + neighboring countries).

Dashboards can be accessed individually or on an aggregated level and from there go directly to any service dashboard and type of network access. The high-level dashboard allows customers to drill down to a specific service at the operator level.
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Filters providing focused views

Mobileum’s Roaming Performance Intelligence dashboards offer a drop-down menu to navigate and choose the filters, whose reference is always the selected network. If no filter is selected all results are shown.

Available filters are:
  • MOC Home: originated calls with SIMs of the same network
  • MOC Roaming: originated calls with roaming SIMs
  • MTC Home: calls terminated to any network only to SIMs of the same network.
  • MTC Roaming: calls terminated to any network only to roaming SIMs.
  • 2G: includes all calls (voice, data and, SMS) executed in
  • GSM in the selected network
  • 3G: includes all calls (voice, data and, SMS) executed in a UMTS, including any HSDPA, in the selected network
  • 4G applies only to data calls generated in an LTE network.
  • Home Region: show data from the HPLMN and the surrounding countries
mobileum focused views

Global real-time insights delivered by Mobileum probes

When it comes to the benchmark, you will want to go the last mile on data accuracy. Mobileum’s GlobalRoamer® internationally installed testing system is GSMA compliant, running a combination of hardware and software with a worldwide footprint of test probes, entirely managed, maintained, and owned by Mobileum. Mobileum physical probes are connected to the cloud platform to initiate and/or terminate test calls and produce the latest and the most up to date performance metrics.
Our end-to-end active testing platform for roaming supports 2G, 3G, LTE, Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB), VoLTE, IoT, 5G and Emergency Services. SIMs from operators worldwide can be virtualized to any location in the globe to generate real mobile traffic volumes for evidence. Mobileum’s SIM card pool consists of over 400 MVNOs.
mobileum tools successful deployment 5g

Automated E2E Active Testing with SITE and GlobalRoamer®

SITE supports all technologies from 2G, 3G, and LTE to IoT and 5G. It offers comprehensive automated end-to-end domestic service assurance via Radio Access or Core Network. For QoE, it offers smartphone-based testing. The use cases cover Voice, Data, Messaging, Video, OTT services, App performance, IMS, IoT, Emergency Services, eCall and PWS, and eSIM & RSP. SITE can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud.

SITE users have optional access to the Roaming Testing Platform GlobalRoamer®. Combining both extends Voice, Data, Messaging, and IoT testing to cover roaming scenarios.

SITE & GlobalRoamer® integrate MAS

Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS), an intelligent platform that supports DevOps and CI/CD/CT, optimizing root cause analysis and enabling operators to perform network upgrades and fully test new releases, automated as needed, in the lab, in the production network before deployment, and then to re-test them in the network to ensure quality and performance, avoiding glitches before any customer impact.

MAS gives 360° insights on service quality from both customer experience and network performance by generating a cross-correlation analysis across the network, user KPIs and service KPIs. It provides the complete customer experience view with 24/7 real-time analytics of individual subscriber digital activity.

Why customers around the globe choose Mobileum’s SaaS Roaming Performance Intelligence tool

mobileum worlds largest coverage
World’s largest coverage
GlobalRoamer platform covers 98% of all countries over 15 carrier platforms with access to 789 carrier routes
customer oriented filters
Customer-oriented filters
User-friendly dashboards enable filtering by different call scenarios and technologies, or any combination of them
mobileum big data measurements
Big data
Use reference to network performance indicators based on global performance averages provided by GlobalRoamer data
mobileum insightful reporting tool
reporting tool
Web-based dashboards with charts to compare the customer results per county, or per roaming partner, against a reference value
mobileum unique benchmarking
Key insights into roaming quality across all mobile operators worldwide to compare your customer’s experience against our global data
mobileum real mobile traffic
Real mobile
Virtualize any SIM to any location in the world to generate real mobile traffic with reliable and robust evidence volumes

A portfolio of solutions empowering you to proactively position you ahead of the competition

Roaming of Customer Experience Management
Mobileum's RCEM offers real-time and actionable data analytics that generate metrics on revenue, devices, customer satisfaction, and network performance. It provides a comprehensive view of Single Service Indicators (SSI) for rich voice call setup, reasonable delivery time and data download rates for short message service (SMS) delivery, and voice over LTE (VoLTE) telecommunication data sets.
IREG and International Roaming Tester
Mobileum’s Test Factory is a complete IREG management tool that enables communication service providers (CSP) to test IREG uses cases with new partner networks for 2G/3G/LTE/VoLTE services. It benchmarks the capabilities the roaming partners must comply with before roaming contracts can be enforced. Furthermore, it can perform extensive testing in search of malicious threats or inadvertent misconfigurations.
Wholesale Business Advisor
With powerful analytics and action tools, Mobileum’s Wholesale Business Advisor makes it easy for roaming teams to manage the most complex deals and enables them to actively simulate and settle discount agreements while optimizing cost and revenue through an easy-to-use user interface. Wholesale Business Advisor (WBA) together with Retail Business Advisor (RBA), are part of Mobileum’s Roaming Business Advisor portfolio.

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