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eSIM Macroscope

Ensure Global Quality Network Connectivity for Connected Things

eSIM in-vehicle cellular connectivity assurance

eSIM Macroscope provides quality testing for voice, messaging, data, emergency services, IoT Telemetry, eSIM remote provisioning flows, roaming workflows, and business application availability. It delivers vital information on network performance, trends, and throughput, and proactively monitors service degradations - across network providers and across the world - for any IoT, enterprise, or consumer device.

It provides independent verification of the mobile operators' compliance with SLAs guaranteeing end users functional connected car services. Moreover, it supports NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies that enable connected service use cases, such as those that require long-range or wide/deep penetration of the mobile signal, or a long device battery life. The key features:
  • eSIM with remote SIM provisioning
  • Voice & SMS Quality
  • Data Speed and Download rates
  • Access to business-critical application servers
  • Guarantee availability of all in-car services
Mobileum internet of medical things

eSIM & IoT testing for the best roaming user experience

Mobileum´s IoT Testing Suite ensures services across international borders by validating connectivity and time durations in the radio network infrastructure using IoT stacks. The tool tests end-to-end IoT platform connectivity, data transfer, integrity, and application monitoring using MQTT client.

This GSMA-compliant IoT Testing Suite runs over GlobalRoamer®, the world’s largest roaming test platform that supports 2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT,and LTE-M with an IoT coverage of 210+ networks on 150+ locations in 100+ countries.

eSIM provisioning, authentication and availability

Mobileum’s eSIM & Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) Testing uses remote over-the-air services testing to ensure the provisioning and the enabling/disabling of operator profiles. It is compatible with M2M (GSMA SGP.02) and consumer devices(GSMA SGP.22). Our SIM multiplexing technology supports MFF2 form (eSIM) factor or a Fixed SIM using an adapter and multiplexes SIM cards into a single SIM device.

Mobileum’s eSIM testing platform provides capabilities to ensure the accuracy of all components of the eUICC remote SIM provisioning architecture and for running advanced RSP scenarios to guarantee:
    • Loading/enabling of a new profile on the eUICC (eSIM)
    • Correct behavior of the RSP platform from the subscriber perspective​
    • Service availability and performance after (re-)provisioning
provisioning, availability and authentication of embedded SIMs

Verified eSIM user experience

Mobileum's Smartphone Experience (SX) enhances eSIM Macroscope capabilities by directly reproducing the workflow, adding an eSIM plan on flagship 5G iOS and Android devices from the QR activation code to ready-to-use services. ​SX allows users to intuitively create interactive scripts or perform ad-hoc testing with various eSIM profiles and can be used to test eSIM supplier behavior, e.g., app features, and welcome messages​. The generated KPIs and insights are displayed on a user-friendly reporting tool with customizable dashboards. The key features:
  • eSIM profile management
  • Voice, video and messaging testing
  • PCAP analysis
  • Native and OTT services testing
  • App testing for in-vehicle services, banking, shopping, healthcare, mobile money, gaming, logistics, entertainment, etc.
smartphone-based testing for quality of experience

A portfolio of solutions to ensure operational efficiency and the best customer experience for Connected Things

201124 mobileum card esim provisioning testing
eSIM and Remote SIM Provisioning testing
A key benefit of eSIM is flexibility as there is no need to physically install or replace potentially millions of SIM cards for their connected devices.  Mobileum ensures eSIM functionality for connected cars, other M2M devices as well as consumer devices. It verifies service availability and performance via remote over-the-air services testing that ensure the provisioning and the enabling/disabling of operator profiles. 
201124 mobileum card emergency services ecall testing
Emergency Services and eCall testing
Mobileum’s Emergency Services Testing is an end-to-end active testing solution that monitors and troubleshoots emergency services and platforms 24/7. It is a US & EU patented solution that covers standard numbers, enhanced numbers and eCall, and allows operators to ensure availability, location information transfer and performance monitoring, while optimizing testing efforts.
201124 mobileum card signaling firewall
IoT performance
Mobileum's Global IoT Connectivity Testing provides car manufacturers with testing and monitoring to optimize service performance, enhance the customer experience, and ensure compliance with network and regulatory requirements globally for connected vehicles.

6 key reasons why the eSIM industry chooses Mobileum’s eSIM Macroscope

Monitor the real User Experience
Global coverage
Supported 2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT & LTE-M with an IoT coverage map of 210+ networks on 150+ locations in 100+ countries.
User friendly scripting
SLA verification
Independent benchmarking and verification of SLA for mobile connectivity and services.
Different 5G Test Methods
Verified activation
Speedy eSIM provisioning and enabling/disabling of operator profile.
Proactive monitoring
Proactive monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring of provisioning, authentication and availability for service assurance.
optimze 5G rollout
Reporting and alarms
User-friendly reporting tool, customizable dashboards, mobile service map, and real-time alarming.
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Reduced costs
Early service detection and proactive verification of SLA saves money and enables grounded decision-making.

SITE & GlobalRoamer® integrate MAS

Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS), an intelligent platform that supports DevOps and CI/CD/CT, optimizing root cause analysis and enabling operators to perform network upgrades and fully test new releases, automated as needed, in the lab, in the production network before deployment, and then to re-test them in the network to ensure quality and performance, avoiding glitches before any customer impact.

MAS gives 360° insights on service quality from both customer experience and network performance by generating a cross-correlation analysis across the network, user KPIs and service KPIs. It provides the complete customer experience view with 24/7 real-time analytics of individual subscriber digital activity.

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