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IoT cellular services via automated testing

    • The expectations of IoT devices and networks in terms of reliability, performance, quality, and long-term availability are very high, and wireless connections are a critical factor.

    • As a leader in telecom service testing, Mobileum is the right partner to help you understand how to deliver better and faster IoT services both on B2B and B2C markets, with the required quality and performance.

  • We enable you to grasp the testing requirements and the necessary measurement setups to get your IoT application up to date, with the required quality and performance, in the different IoT Market Segments. The 4 common components of our IoT testing solution are: 
    • Connectivity testing
    • IoT application platform testing
    • Power saving features testing
    • Specific vertical industry testing

6 Key benefits to ensure better and faster IoT services

Monitor the real User Experience
Ensured network Connectivity
Save time & cost by efficiently managing your cellular IoT connectivity on a global scale
User friendly scripting
IoT Application Platform 24/7
Ensure services round-the-clock by validating network availability and authentication
Different 5G Test Methods
Optimized Power-Saving Settings
Reduce costs with site visits by optimizing timer negotiation that preserves battery life
Pro active monitoring
Monitoring and real-time Alarms
24/7 monitoring to troubleshoot and tackle issues before a customer impact
optimze 5G rollout
Global Testing Platform
The world’s largest roaming testing platform with 70+ locations and 130+ networks in 55+ countries
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Easy Test Configuration
User-friendly platform with pre-defined tests and dashboards

The most effective connectivity for every IoT application

For IoT applications requiring global coverage and mobility, cellular technologies, such as LTE-M, NB-IoT, and 5G, will be the best fit. When successfully deployed, IoT applications have the potential to improve companies’ revenues and costs.

To achieve this, the first step is to ensure flexible, agile, and reliable connectivity. Mobileum provides essential testing requirements for IoT connectivity which include:
  • Validate IoT network availability
  • Test APN connectivity and latency
  • Verify application server (Echo) accessibility & round-trip time
  • Measure data transfer speed (TCP/UDP)
  • Test VoLTE and SMS services (LTE-M)
mobileum tools successful deployment 5g

Test and monitor the IoT platform to warrant E2E IoT business solutions

The Internet of Things consists of billions of interconnected devices, which generate tremendous amounts of data but also places heavy loads on key IoT components.

To succeed in the IoT market, application developers must thoroughly test and monitor the end-to-end IoT business solutions, including the functional role of IoT platforms.

The complex architecture of IoT systems mandate several types of testing. In order to ensure the connectivity to the IoT application platform, Mobileum provides specific testing capabilities, such as:
  • Test IoT platform availability and authentication
  • Ensure data integrity transfer with configurable payloads
  • Automate application monitoring
201015 mobileum test and monitor iot platform

Maximize the battery life of low-power IoT devices to prevent costs

The power consumption of IoT devices is a critical feature for the successful digital innovation brought by smart sensors. LPWAN technologies such as NB-IoT and LTE-M have two essential power-saving features that Mobileum's IoT Testing helps optimize: Power Saving Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX), which enables the device to save power by switching off the receiving section of the cellular module for a fraction of a second. As part of our testing and monitoring services for IoT power-saving features we:
  • Ensure that networks support and negotiate correctly PSM and/or eDRX timers according to the different IoT application requirements
  • Verify tracking area update performance after Power Saving Mode
  • Validate data and SMS delivery after/during Power Saving Mode
mobileum tools successful deployment 5g

Mobileum IoT performance testing addresses key pain-points in IoT

IoT Connectivity - IoT Application Platform - Power Saving Features

A single platform to monitor IoT performance and backend services

To assure the full IoT value chain, our solution offers real-time visibility into specific KPIs around connectivity, power-saving capabilities, and platform connectivity. A variety of pre-built tests and out-of-the-box dashboards for IoT testing scenarios allows service providers to unleash the full potential of IoT and deliver IoT solutions, products, and services that address the industry-unique needs.

All of our testing capabilities are fully compliant with GSMA NG.112. specifications for end-to-end functional capability tests related to the roaming of a Mobile-IoT module, belonging to a home Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN), to and within a visited PLMN.
Mobileum Monitor IoT and Backend from unified platform

Safeguard smart factory effectiveness through Industrial IoT testing

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way industry works. Manufacturing systems that used to be defined as a complex system of machines, people, and manufactured products are now more and more relying on automation and intelligence.  

IoT applications requiring global coverage and mobility will focus on cellular technologies, such as the 4G-based LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies and 5G. Mobileum’s IIoT testing solutions were developed to continuously test and monitor services according to global industrial standards to ensure your components, machinery, and systems are ready to successfully operate within the smart factory environment.

Safeguard smart factory effectiveness through Industrial IoT testing

Connected car services testing for the best-in-class customer experience

More and more connected vehicles are fitted with devices that enable them to share and obtain information via mobile broadband (3G to 5G), Wi-Fi, or satellite communication technology within the Internet of Things (IoT) networks.

Mobileum’s connected car service testing provides worldwide independent verification of SLAs for mobile connectivity and connected car services. The key differentiators are:
  • Guarantee availability of all in-car services
  • Measure the quality of mobile services globally
  • Track quality with daily reports for all mobile services
  • Obtain performance indicators and trends
  • Access a variety of testing scenarios
Customer experience with our Connected Car services testing

Mobileum Success Story 

IoT Roaming Testing
Connected Car Service Assurance

Ensure the provisioning, availability and authentication of eSIMs

  • Embedded SIM or eSIM technology brings flexibility to IoT. Mobileum’s eSIM & Remote SIM provisioning (RSP) Testing Solution tests the service availability and performance of eSIM cards. It supports M2M, consumer devices, MFF2 form factor, and uses a SIM multiplexing mechanism to multiplex SIM cards into a single SIM device. This remote over-the-air services testing suite ensures the provisioning and the enabling/disabling of operator profiles.

    Mobileum’s eSIM testing platform provides capabilities to ensure the accuracy of all components of the eUICC remote SIM provisioning architecture and for running advanced RSP scenarios that guarantee:
    • Loading / enabling of new Profile on the eUICC
    • Subscriber behavior testing directly on eSIM-enabled customer devices
    • Service availability and performance after (re-)provisioning
rovisioning, availability and authentication of embedded SIMs

IoT performance testing to validate smart healthcare

Many advantages of healthcare IoT revolve around growing patient care. Nevertheless, thanks to IoT, medical facilities have also improved, for example through processes that are now more efficient by conserving valuable resources.

Mobileum provides IoT testing services to certify the connectivity, quality, compliance, reliability, and safety of your smart medical devices and ensures a robust platform for:
  • Data hosting, management, and support
  • Hospital information systems
  • Patient relationship management and customer care
  • Content and health access solutions
  • Device management and supply
IoT performance testing as key criteria fulfilling the smart healthcare promise

See how Mobileum can help protect & grow your business

Over 900 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

National IoT testing safeguards domestic quality of service 24/7

Mobileum IoT Service Assurance has been developed to ensure end-to-end service quality and performance for domestic networks. Our solution addresses the three pillars of IoT Technology: connectivity, application platform, and power-saving features. Users can configure, schedule, edit, and analyze tests. All test results can be validated, verified, and reproduced for faster troubleshooting. 

Our IoT Testing Suite is powered by SITE, our integrated testing platform to help services providers to:
  • Deliver reliable IoT connectivity to your customers on both national or global level
  • Activate IoT in their core & radio network Infrastructure with minimal risks
  • Enable IoT applications that require long battery life
  • Offer competitive IoT platform deliverables to manage devices and data analytics for end consumers and businesses
National IoT testing safeguards the national quality of service 24/7

IoT testing for the best user experience while roaming

Mobileum's global connectivity testing platform, GlobalRoamer® covers 150+ locations in 100+ countries, and offers the following:
  • Dedicated platform for IoT Global Connectivity testing
  • Subscribe, login & use
  • Pre-defined dashboards
  • Easy test configuration
  • Supports 2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT & LTE-M
International IoT testing in roaming scenarios

IoT & eSIM Testing and Mobileum Assurance Solution

IoT & eSIM Testing is a use case within Mobileum's SITE Active Testing Platform, which supports 2G, 3G, LTE, IoT, and 5G and generates real-time traffic into domestic networks using probes strategically placed to provide geographical coverage and fault localization, flagging problems before impact, and emulating the real subscriber behavior.

SITE is part of Mobileum Assurance Solution (MAS), a self-learning platform that supports DevOps and CI/CD/CT, optimizing root cause analysis and enabling operators to perform network upgrades and fully test new releases, automated as needed, in the lab, in the production network before deployment, and then to re-test them in the network to ensure quality and performance, avoiding glitches before any customer impact.

Assure IoT operational efficiency and monetization opportunities by leveraging other products in our Portfolio

5G Device Test
5G was specifically designed to meet IoT needs, whereas 2G, 3G and 4G were never developed with IoT in mind. It brings two key attributes which neither NB-IoT nor LTE-can deliver; they are: low latency and ultra-reliability. Know more about our 5G testing solutions and how they support IoT environments.
Signaling Firewall
Our family of products protects millions of cellular connections all over the world. By providing connectivity shielding that protects your IoT services regardless of the devices, we enable you to assume more responsibility, address customer concerns, and confidently grow your market.
Revenue Assurance
Mobileum's IoT risk management framework includes software tools, managed services, software deployment and professional services , which can help to design, implement, operate, and improve a communication services provider (CSP) with an Internet of Things‎ risk management framework.

The optimal IoT services connectivity and power-saving features for MVNOs

The APN (Access Point Name), a critical infrastructure component, is the gateway that interconnects with the Radio Access Networks and the public internet.

MVNOs will typically implement their own private APNs and provide private IP address ranges that keep IoT data separate from the public internet. This avoids security risks associated with the internet and improves system latency. Mobileum's IoT Testing addresses:
  • The end-to-end quality of service by monitoring connectivity issues and the devices' power consumption
  • Wrong APN configuration in the device (a different APN from the one which provides the correct connectivity)
  • Configuration of IoT device with invalid APNs
  • Failures on IoT device authentication (based on specific APN) towards IoT service platform.
Guarantee your MVNOs the optimal IoT services connectivity

Guarantee SLAs for IoT service charging and billing contracts

For a time-critical communication service that is requested by a consumer, a data session with a suitable QoS flow profile needs to be established according to a corresponding service subscription. Larger customers, like enterprises, may be interested in connectivity for an entire device group and for each of them they will agree on SLAs with their connectivity provider.

Along with IoT testing capabilities for the end-to-end value chain, Mobileum provides risk management capabilities that monitor connectivity services delivered and their contract level, namely in the following areas:
  • IoT & connectivity provisioning assurance
  • IoT & connectivity usage assurance
  • IoT & connectivity charging validation
Guarantee SLAs for IoT for service charging and billing contracts