Business Assurance

Business Assurance

Automate how you audit and monitor financial and non-financial key-performance indicators aligned with your strategy, and providing assurance on financial and non-financial metrics and processes.

Business Assurance Solutions

  • Cost & Margin Assurance

    Cost & Margin Assurance

    Delivers information on service provider margins and profits

    Cost and Margin Assurance software delivers detailed information on service provider margins and profits, delivered through a comprehensive analysis of the full telecom value-chain. This module is an interactive tool that allows financial analysts to explore costs and margins from a per-customer perspective, providing insights into how these areas fluctuate according to different variables along the value chain.

    Cost analytics
    Service profitability
    Subscriber profitability

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  • Mobile Money Assurance

    Mobile Money Assurance

    Offers complete mobile money risk management capabilities

    Mobile Money module offers complete mobile money risk management capabilities for all fraud and revenue assurance risks. This solution module was designed for managing all MoMo fraud issues such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) monitoring capabilities to as well as detect account takeover and SIM swap and internal fraud challenges

    Account takeover
    Settlement accuracy

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  • Collections Assurance Module

    Collections Assurance Module

    Monitor the accuracy of subscribers credit scoring

    Collections Assurance module allows CSPs to monitor the accuracy of each subscribers credit scoring and monitor their complete collections and dunning process. This module helps service providers to audit and monitor a correct segmentation and credit risk for each subscriber, monitor the entire collection strategies for validating correct collections amounts, notifications and actions.

    Past-due payments
    Collections accuracy
    Debt recovery

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  • Partner Incentives Assurance

    Partner Incentives Assurance

    Monitor partner incentives and commissions

    Partner incentives assurance software module allows CSPs to monitor partner incentives and commissions, ensuring accuracy of payouts and chargebacks and controlling customer acquisition costs. This module will help CSPs to identify and prevent any misuse of discount campaigns through fraudulent processes.

    Incentive accuracy
    Dealer Fraud

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  • Flash Calls

    Flash Calls

    Increase network visibility over flash calls

    Mobile Network Operators will need to implement solutions that can identify this traffic, allowing them to provide a way of monetizing flash calls by differentiating traffic and providing the underlying network connection.

    A2P Voice Monetization
    Customer Experience
    Distinguish traffic for flash calls 

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