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Bypass Fraud

Protect your business from illegal  call terminations executed
to avoid paying the defined legal charges

Deploy A Multi-Layered Approach To Grey Routing Traffic

Bypass fraud is the most damaging and costly type of fraud and particularly affects countries where the costs of terminating international calls are very high.

Also known as ‘landing fraud’ or ‘grey routing’, this fraud is carried out through manipulating call records to be recognized as local calls. This fraud type exploits immobile to mobile and landline gateway equipment to hijack inbound international calls while transferring them through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to the mobile network.

The Pre-Packaged Approach To Fight Against Bypass Fraud

RAID is a pre-packaged solution that allows CSPs to evaluate their network traffic and detect fraudulent behaviors and deviations of subscriber usage.

The solution makes use of a complex rule library combined with machine learning techniques on top of a wide range of data such as CDR information, signaling (SIP, SS7, and Diameter) as well test call generator (TCG) analysis to detect bypass fraud.

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Get rid of VoIP Bypass Fraud

Making calls requires as many security measures as any web-based software. Although the price of long-distance service through a VoIP provider is significantly cheaper than through PTSN, the cost of added up minutes can cause some damage, especially if they are from fraudulent calls.

Mobileum has developed a solution to detect fraud on VoIP networks, which include smart monitoring features that sense when there is an unusual spike in call traffic from a specific destination. When a suspicious spike occurs, RAID simply and automatically puts a temporary alert on the route, ensuring that fraud losses are kept to an absolute minimum without interrupting legitimate calls.

Co-engineered to leverage fraud and security contextual analysis

Along with CDRs, SIP signaling messages are processed in the Mobileum RAID system in real-time to control calls, texts, data and more. For example, in Wangiri fraud scenarios RAID can monitor a high number of SIP invite and cancel messages from the same CLI. Similarly, in Bypass Fraud RAID can look at the dispersion of called numbers from a single origin and a dispersion of calls back to the same destination number. With this, it is possible for carriers to detect fraud attacks at the first attempt and take appropriate preventive measures.

Choose How You Want Your Bypass App Deployed

Adopt the RAID platform and chose the deployment option that best fits your business needs, budget, and resources.If your company still doesn’t have a full public cloud policy due to security and compliance issues, Mobileum provides an alternative in private and hybrid cloud models to deploy RAID with its prebuilt risk management modules or apps.

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RAID risk management software is easy to use and highly configurable

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RAID for Fraud Management is Powered by Mobileum's Active Intelligence Big Data Analytics Platform

Case Management
Drill down on data and alerts with ad-hoc analysis to find the root cause of fraud and make better decisions faster.
Fully configurable
Use easy-to-apply configurations, workflows and dashboards to enable simple and transparent mirroring of your required business processes. Automations and migrations let you execute this in days instead of months
Hybrid Solution
React to and stop known and unknown fraud patterns in a repeatable and auditable way by combining an extensive rules library with machine learning.
All-In-One Software
Manage the telecom fraud management lifecycle autonomously, from data loading to mitigation actions, with Active Intelligence's complete suite of tools for fraud analysts.
Link Analysis
Quickly uncover fraudulent activities by highlighting key individuals, connections and patterns in a uniquely visual way. Gain a deeper understanding of data within a different entity and relationship types, as well as attributes that can help uncover hidden fraud patterns.
Big Data Analytics
Adopt stream data integration as part of your data management strategies for real-time integration and analytics. Address the problem of matching continuously income events to evolving fraud patterns with Active Intelligence's complex event processing (CEP). Accelerate fraud detection and react faster to emerging threats with real-time data stream analysis.

Enhanced Detection with TCG Results

Despite not working as a silver bullet for bypass fraud detection, TCG data is still a relevant data source element, it delivers unique insights on end-to-end interconnection routes by comparing the incoming calling line identity (CLI) phone number with the known originated phone number.
By combining test call generator (TCG) and signaling information, RAID delivers extra advanced layers of protection against bypass fraud. Working together with advanced data analytics, sophisticated pattern matching, and machine learning algorithms, our FMS delivers a fast and reliable multi-layered solution for bypass fraud.

SIM Box Detection Case Studies

Fraudtsers constantly develop new techniques to perpetrate bypass fraud. Read this document to know how we are tackling SIM Box around the world.

A proactive approach to Bypass Detection

Scammers often use caller ID spoofing to mask their true location, making calls appear as if they are coming from a legitimate or local number to increase the odds that subscribers will answer the call as well as reduce the cost of call termination. Using Mobileum’s test call generator (TCG), international calls can be made with the results of potential fraud detected automatically on our fraud management system. As part of the Mobileum bypass fraud detection package, TCG commands can be initiated and results analysis can be sent to the FMS for additional context analysis, on bypass scenarios.

Are you affected by Mobile Terminations Rates Arbitrage and CLI Spoofing?

Mobile network operators are now able to apply higher termination rates to non-EU incoming traffic. In such situations, when there is a considerable gap between the termination rates, the risk of exposure to Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) Arbitrage is very high and can cause a significant impact to your network.
In order to terminate the calls at lower costs, some carriers that are intended to pay high MTR re-create the traffic in order to pay lower MTR.
RAID provides you with detailed information on traffic originating from risky countries, suspicious range of numbers and unusually high or continuous low volumes of traffic in your network.

Future-Proof Your Fraud Management Strategy By Adopting Machine Learning

Rule-Based Approach
An extensive rules library provides immediate fraud awareness and increased accuracy
  • Optimize rules according to your needs
  • Greater accuracy and lower error rate
  • Immediate results
AI/Machine Learning
AI and Machine learning algorithms leverage data analysis processes to detect deviations and unknown fraud patterns
  • Rapid prediction and processing analysis
  • Past customer behaviors evaluation
  • Unlimited traffic analysis
Our voice, data and SMS firewalls are fully integrated with our anti-fraud system
  • Real-time blocking
  • Fraud & Security contextual analysis
  • Wide range of fraud type protection

Mobileum Risk Management Software Portfolio

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Stop fraudulent activities that take advantage of zero-rating services

RAID provides the tools to detect data charging bypass and eliminates the stream of prepaid customer traffic to proceed without checking the balance, time/volume limits or deduction of funds by re-directing traffic through zero-rated websites such as customer care portals or promotional free services such as social networks traffic.

RAID Bypass Fraud ensures that all user data traffic that is not explicitly intended to be free under the agreed operator policy is being measured, classified and stopped in real-time whenever fraud patterns are detected.

Helping Regulators to lead the war against Bypass fraud

In many countries, where international bypass fraud is an issue, the negative effect of it can be negative impacts on financial and customer experience, as well as a decrease in governmental tax revenues arriving from international voice traffic dropping.

Specifically for telecom regulators of all over the world, Mobileum has developed a solution that is currently in place in operators within the Middle East and Africa that can be set by a country’s regulator itself, or by individual (or groups of) operators (unregulated). This solution not only eliminates fraud and preserves the privacy and quality of service, for both operators and subscribers, but it also brings back the revenue from international call termination to which operators and government regulators are entitled.

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