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Incentive Compensation Management

Define incentives strategies, automate calculation, and monitor performance to drive sales execution

What are sales compensation inefficiencies costing you?

For rewards and incentive plans to effectively motivate sales people and influence sales behaviors aligned with corporate goals, timing is critical. But many CSPs still rely on spreadsheet-based manual processes which prevent them from being as timely as they should. Because some of these metrics are calculated manually, it is common to leave out some parts of the sales hierarchy or do not cover all the services, as they should. Operators should radically rethink the structure and processes of incentives management to drive better performance. Watch the video and understand how much you may be losing for not taking appropriate measures for tackling these challenges.

Great data in, great compensation plans out

Accessing high quality data is the first step to enabling accurate incentive payouts. Moreover, incentive compensation plans require access to granular, timely, and specific telecom data.
RAID Incentives was designed from scratch for telecommunication operators and is ready to collect, transform, validate and tag transactional data from any BSS/OSS component in real-time. RAID Incentives’ drag-and-drop graphical UI makes it easy to develop and deploy data integration. It also embeds data quality across the platform (end-to-end profiling, cleansing, matching, and monitoring capabilities) which enable you to identify anomalies, standardize data, resolve duplicates, and monitor data quality over time.

The flexibility you need to create amazing incentive compensation plans

RAID Incentives is designed to support any combination of pay components, rules, calculations, aggregations, and sequencing that might be required to align sales with your company’s business goals. With clicks, not code, you can easily configure and maintain the most complex and varied incentive compensation plans.
You can also create or re-use any component from the library and adjust rules, policies, and complex sales hierarchies without IT support.

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Design and review plans before releasing

With RAID Incentives you can create, compare and review incentive compensation plans in a simulation environment, enabling analysis, review and potential adjustments prior to release. This includes “what-if models”, commissions forecasting and side-by-side comparisons by individual, plan, or team. By simulating different scenarios, operators can maximize revenue potential and ensure incentive compensation plans are aligned to corporate business goals.

Robust engine for accurate calculation of commissions

Compute high-performance and complex calculations across both internal and external sales network and ensure accurate and timely delivery of commission payments to sales people.
  • Automated calculation of complex formulas in real-time
  • Parallel execution of several incentive compensation plans
  • Manual adjustments to commissions, bonus, or penalties using Excel templates
  • Tax calculation on approved payments

RAID for ICM is easy to use and highly configurable

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Real-time calculation, real-time rewarding

RAID Incentives has direct access to the relevant telecom data sources required to process incentive compensation in real-time. This encourages sellers to focus on the right deals and customers and it motivates sales people by providing the estimate potential payouts at the time of selling. Paying your sales reps faster is one of the most powerful tools operators can have to drive the engagement of their sales force.

Build trust and empower your sales force

RAID Incentives provides a dealers portal (web and mobile app) that provides up-to-date information on individual performance, earnings, and payments, anytime, anywhere. Through this portal, sales people can initiate disputes concerning their sales credits, earnings or payments, and these disputes are then automatically routed to the assigned compensation analyst.
  • Foster trust in the incentive compensation system
  • Reduce shadow accounting
  • Allow sales reps to focus on selling

Significantly reduce the total cost of disputes

RAID’s Case Management enables the configuration of specific workflows, escalation and assignment rules for each dispute type. Users can easily setup and maintain custom approval hierarchies, groups, email notifications, status, escalation, file attachments, and other custom functions. Managing workflows online allows integrating the incentives processes with overall auditing and reporting, and allows Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to be easily manageable. It is a great tool to automate dispute tickets handling and improve the incentive compensation process efficiency, while empowering analysts, sales people and dealers.

Gain instant visibility into sales compensation, dispute and payment trends

Decision makers need at-a-glance visibility of meaningful data and trends and that’s why RAID Incentives comes with out-of-the-box reports that can also be emailed via notification or downloaded to a desired format, including Excel and PDF. This removes manual, time-consuming efforts to develop critical reports. Nevertheless users can customize these reports or create additional ones through a drag-and-drop interface. Ad hoc queries can be saved, modified, and copied to promote easier period-over-period comparison. Thresholds and alerts generation can also be configured for any KPI, making it easier for you to monitor sales performance in real-time and quickly act on data.

Extending the coverage of Dealer Fraud

Unscrupulous dealers can sometimes directly exploit flaws in your agreement for their own benefit through the inflation of sales volumes to claim fraudulent commissions. Quickly analyzing dealer performance based on simple margin calculations rather than just the number of sales achieved, provides and example of how RAID Incentives can be used to tackle dealer fraud.

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Transform Incentive Compensation into a revenue generator

Reduce Operating Costs
Collect all relevant data from telecom-specific data sources and eliminate errors and overpayments.
  • Multiple data source integration (CRM, billing, POS, DW, etc.)
  • Simulation of incentive comp plans
  • Automation of calculation cycles and recalculation
Improve Process Efficiency
Eliminate time-consuming manual calculation processes and reduce cycle times and disputes.
  • Workflow engine for incentives plan approval
  • Integration with payment platforms
  • Case management and dispute tickets handling
Gain Insights & Drive Sales Performance
Keep a close watch on sales performance and provide real-time visibility to your sales people anytime, anywhere.
  • Out-of-the-box reports
  • Drag-and-drop interface to customize reports and alerts
  • Mobile app for sales people

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Tips to establishing and managing successful telecom sales incentive program

Step up your Incentives Management and empower your dealers while keeping an eye on data quality and fraud

Dealers Portal
A dedicated web portal for dealers which enables personalized access to transaction processing, targets and approved incentives payouts, as well as enables dealers to open dispute tickets for the operator’s business teams.
Partner Incentives Assurance
An additional layer to the incentives management process to ensure data accuracy and consistency by applying trend analysis and additional data checkpoints.
Dealer Fraud Audit
Dealers have privileged access to operator’s processes and systems. Prevent fraudulent dealers from taking advantage of possible breaches by implementing additional controls and checkpoints.

One platform that cuts the data silos between all telecom applications for limitless insights

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