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Integrate data, analytics and unmatched expertise to address the signaling threat landscape

Our threat intelligence service delivers an extra layer to secure your signaling connectivity

Signaling security vulnerabilities are a serious threat to CSPs - to their subscribers, their network and their reputation. As regulators and legislators show increased interest in privacy and security, operators have moved to address these vulnerabilities by implementing dedicated signaling firewalls. Signaling firewalls are programmed to prevent known attacks and screen signaling traffic. However, the critical weakness of this approach is that the firewall only has visibility of traffic entering and leaving the CSP’s own network. Firewalls are typically unable to identify new types of attacks which could be bypassing their detection capabilities.

Mobileum’s Threat Intelligence Service offers a co-managed and intelligent threat detection and response online service, backed by the company’s expertise in security and global access to signaling data. It enables operators to take action to protect against bad actors, new attack types and act on early warning indicators. Mobileum’s Threat Intelligence Service has access to security events from all over the world and offers its users early warning of new and emerging attacks and threat vectors. The Service adheres to the highest privacy standards and does not contain any personally identifiable information
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Mobileum’s Threat Intelligence Services

Telecom cybersecurity threat landscape has changed overtime due to the transition from legacy systems. The transition from vendor-specific technology to common hardware platforms with IP networking, together with widely accessible signaling networks through the IPX and MVNO ecosystem, as well as improvements in threat actors’s attack tools, makes networks more vulnerable. Combined with a much wider public knowledge about the various vulnerabilities in signaling, the risk is greater than ever. State actors, professional hackers and fraudsters are increasingly active. Attacks and covert attempts are happening in real-time. You can no longer solve them with reactive and deterministic tactics. Mobile operators need the intelligence and the ability to enforce it and to take preventive measures.

Mobileum’s research publications and access to live attacks, in near real time, fuel the discovery of new cyber threats and the development of a telecom threat intelligence community.

Mobileum’s Threat Intelligence Services consist of two components that work together to aggregate and integrate threat intelligence in the cloud, which can be additionally complemented with managed services.
  • Live Threat Center
  • Threat Sharing Newsletter - a monthly global threat report

Mobileum Live Threat Center

Gain the latest information on hacker motivation and techniques

  • Mobileum’s Threat database is a cloud-based threat intelligence-sharing platform that enables service users to rapidly research the latest global security threats and collect actionable intelligence. This database is supported by human and machine-generated intelligence, that leverages the world's biggest footprint in signaling data, and processes that data to help users stay ahead of emerging threats.

    Mobileum’s Threat database includes a collection of the latest threat reports that contain an analysis of actual exploits observed in signaling, signaling vulnerabilities and a dataset of confirmed threat actors and sources. The database includes recommendations, suggested approaches, as well as responses to technical issues and questions, related to network attacks. Mobileum’s Threat database is maintained by our security experts and contains responses to many of the common problems and questions related to GSMA category 1, 2, and 3 attacks, as well as an extensive range of attacks uncovered by our research team. The research extends beyond typical GSMA categories, identifying anomalies, exploits, tactics and techniques.
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Threat Intelligence Services by Mobileum

Get Deeper Insight into Threat Intelligence Services

Access a live global titles (GTs) database

To access SS7 signaling networks, attackers need an identity on the network, known as a global title (GT), which can be obtained from legitimate mobile operators. Normally, these identities are not handed out to anyone, but some operators are providing third parties access to their SCCP Global Titles (GT) for originating signaling messages. Whilst here are legitimate uses of such services (e.g. MVNOs), this scenario opens a security weakness since third parties have control over the operator's resources. Operators need to place extra scrutiny over the GTs that they provide to third parties.

As part of our service, we provide a GT database which delivers profiles of each GT across the world. Before blocking a specific GT on the firewall, it is valuable to verify the profile of the GT in the GT database. This helps to identify whether an alert is a true positive or negative. This way, our customers are not only able to protect their network, but also make sure that the blocking does not affect the operator’s services
Access a live global titles

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6 key benefits of subscribing our Threat Intelligence Service

Threat Intelligence Benefits
Protect your Subscribers
Protect subscribers through the use of globally sourced intelligence to ensure compliance with all regulations and legislation.
Threat Intelligence Vendor
Secure your Brand
An extra layer of protection against revenue leakage, damage to brand reputation, and claims for damages.
Threat Intelligence Analyist
Reduce Attack Surface
As telecom role continues to expand to enable the digital society, so too does the inherent risk. Assure the visibility into what your organization’s attack surface looks like in the first place.
Protocols and Messages
Protocols & Messages used
The security of computing systems is based on three basic principles: confidentiality, integrity and availability. Understand loopholes in the protocols across the global interconnection.
Threat Analysis
How attacks work & who are the Bad Actors
A dedicated team, with daily access to signaling security events worldwide, research reports and insights for our customers, including the origin of attacks.

Best Threat Intelligence Platofrm
Learn How to Stop Attacks
As part of our service, we identify security threats and produce actionable outcomes, saving customers valuable time.

See how Mobileum can help protect & grow your business

Over 900 Telecom companies, in more than 150 countries, are scaling their business with Mobileum solutions.

Maximize the value of our solution with the support from industry security experts

At the heart of our solution, there is a team of security professionals that monitor and analyze security issues from a variety of signaling sources, providing threat intelligence content as the foundation of Mobileum’s Threat Intelligence portfolio. This team uses access to signaling data worldwide to produce threat research reports and insights for our customers.

Our research analysts are masters at analyzing security threats and producing actionable outcomes, saving customers valuable time. The reports of new vulnerabilities found by our security R&D team deliver the following capabilities:
  • Database of the latest signaling vulnerabilities
  • Updated with new attacks identified by the research team
  • Searchable to stay ahead of emerging threats
  • Linked to published documents such as GSMA
  • Include examples for PCAPs
  • Deliver protection mechanisms
Threat Intelligence Services

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Cross-Protocol Signaling Firewall
Mobileum has a state-of-the-art signaling firewall as part of its security threat detection portfolio, protecting against malicious attacks under network signaling systems like SS7, CAMEL, Diameter, MAP, GTP, SIP, and 5G HTTP/2.
SMS Firewall
Our SMS Firewall has a comprehensive set of features and functionalities that allow MNOs to fight grey route threats coming from SIM farms and other bad actors having also the capability to provide MNOs with a safe, spam-free network environment that their subscribers can trust.
Pen Testing
Mobileum’s pen testing service provides carriers the ability to understand whether their network is secure from unauthorized access or other malicious activity.