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M2PA SmartFlow

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dsTest supports the creation of SIGTRAN M2PA message flows with our SmartFlow feature.

You can construct M2PA messages – Link Status and User Data (MTP3 Payload) messages – using XML or our dsClient GUI to test your Mobile Application Protocol (MAP) nodes and MAP Interfaces.

See the MAP Interfaces supported by dsTest here.


With the M2PA SmartFlow features, you have complete freedom to construct Link Status and User data message in a format that will verify the ability of the Device Under Test (DUT) to handle valid or invalid formatted messages.

Construct the header, link status field, and filler fields using valid or invalid values.  The following fields can be configured:

  • M2PA version
  • Spare Field
  • Message class
  • Message type
  • Message length
  • Backward and Forward Sequence numbers
  • Filler
  • Unused fields

In addition, if configuring a data message, you can specify exact content of the data field.

Configuring your M2PA SmartFlow

dsClient GUI makes it easy to configure your M2PA test flows.  With the GUI, each field in the M2PA message is individually configurable with the desired values or data.

dstest, Developing Solutions, M2PA Testing, M2PA SmartFlow


Once the message definitions are complete, you can define simple to complex message flows using the SmartFlow state machine.

dsTest, Developing Solutions, M2PA SmartFlow, M2PA Testing

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