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LTE Broadcasting/eMBMS

With LTE Broadcasting,  users within a broadcast area that have appropriate subscription and a Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS)-capable device can receive broadcasted content, including live events.  LTE Broadcasting is designed to provide efficient delivery of content over 3GPP cellular networks, and is specified as an extension to the existing EPS (TS 23.246) for E-UTRAN and to coexist with unicast-data and voice services.

Developing Solutions’ dsTest supports evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS), or LTE Broadcasting, as specified in 3GPP specifications TS 23.246, TS 36.201, and TS 36.300.  With this functionality, dsTest users can test their content delivery service, including their MBMS Gateway and Broadcast Multicast Service Center (BM-SC). dsTest, Developing Solutions, LTE Broadcasting, eMBMS testing, GTP

dsTest includes support for eMBMS testing with the  following interfaces:

  • Sm (MBMS GW (client) ↔ MME (server)
  • M3 (MME (client) ↔ eNodeB/MCE (server)

The Sm Interface Application supports the following GTPv2-C messages:

  • MBMS Session Start Request/Response
  • MBMS Session Update Request/Response
  • MBMS Session Stop Request/Response

The M3 Interface Application provides the MBMS signaling between the MME and eNodeB/MCE to start, update, and stop MBMS sessions:

  • Session Start Request/Response
  • Session Update Request/Response
  • Session Stop Request/Response

The coordination of the Sm control messages with the M3 signaling messages results in the start, update, and stop of MBMS data from the BM-SC, through the MBMS GW to the eNodeB, and eventually to the UE.

dsTest, Developing Solutions, LTE Broadcasting, eMBMS testing, GTP

dsTest is known for its capacity and performance testing capabilities, providing stateful, standards-based applications that react appropriately to both expected and unexpected events, simplifying the process of performance testing the signaling core.  Read more about our Performance testing capabilities.

dsTest also provides many tools for compliance and functional testing of EPC interfaces and protocols.

We have several Use Cases, including EPC Testing, that demonstrate dsTest use in various aspects of LTE testing.

Supporting StandardsSm Stack, eMBMS. LTE Broadcasting

  • Sm – TS 29.274 (GTPv2-C), TS 36.440
  • M3-AP – TS 36.444, TS 36.440.
  • SCTP – RFC 4960

M3-AP Stack, eMBMS, LTE Broadcasting

General Reference Guides

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