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IuPS (RANAP) Interface

dsTest, Developing Solutions, IuPS Interface, RANAP, SGSN, RNC


IuPS is the interface between the UMTS RNC (Radio Network Controller) and the SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node) supporting UMTS integrated services such as multimedia and global roaming to mobile users.

The dsTest IuPS interface simulates the RNC  and 3G SGSN by generating Radio Access Network Application Part (RANAP) signaling messages over SCTP as Transport layer in an IP network as defined by 3GPP standards.

The dsTest IuPS Interface Application provides:

  • Emulation of  RNC and SGSN nodes
  • Mobile Originating, Mobile Terminating, Location Updating, GPRS Attach, and Detach procedures
  • Mobility Management, Session Management, RANAP messages
  • Authentication, Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (TMSI) Reallocation, Encryption, and other RANAP optional procedures
  • Customization and negative testing of call flows and messages with SmartEvents and other dsTest advanced testing features.

All test scenarios are configurable via Graphical User Interface with dsClient GUI or Command Line Interpreter  (CLI).   A comprehensive set of Operational Measurements are available for analysis by our dsClient GUI or offline utilities.


Functions provided include:dsTest, Developing Solutions, IuPS interface, RANAP, EPC Testing

  • Call establishment
  • Monitoring
  • Release
  • Activate PDP Contexts (Session Management (SM)):
  • Modify PDP Contexts (SM)
  • Delete PDP Contexts (SM)
  • UE Mobility (GPRS Mobility Management (GMM))
  • UE Authentication (GMM)

A complete set of events that can be generated with the RANAP interface can be found here.

RNC Testing (Server Emulation)

When the RNC is the Device Under Test (DUT), use the dsTest SGSN emulator to test the response handling of RNC generated IuPS events.

SGSN Testing (Client Simulation)

When the SGSN is the DUT, use the dsTest RNC Simulator with the IuPS Interface Application to perform the following events:

  • Attach – Attach a UE
  • Detach – Detach a UE
  • Reset – Reset part of a S1 connection
  • Release Activity – Enable the UTRAN to request the Core Network to release the Iu connection for a particular UE due to some UTRAN generated reason, including:
    • OM Intervention
    • Unspecified Failure
    • User Inactivity
    • Repeated Integrity Checking Failure
    • Release due to UE generated signalling connection release
    • Radio Connection With UE Lost
    • Access Restricted Due to Shared Networks
  • Activate Primary PDP Context
  • Activate Secondary PDP Context
  • Deactivate PDP Context

Supporting Standards

dsTest, Developing Solutions, IuPS Interface, RANAP, SGSN, RNC, UMTS

  • TS 25.410 – UTRAN Iu Interface General Aspects
  • TS 25.412 – UTAN Iu Interface signaling Transport
  • 25.413 –  RANAP – Iu Interface (RANAP Signaling)
  • RFC 4960 – SCTP
  • RFC 3868 – SCCP
  • RFC 4666 – M3UA

See our Specification Map.

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