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5G Edge Analytics

Providing direct visibility on connected enterprise assets.

Bringing the analytics closer to the end-user

Mobileum’s 5G Edge Analytics is a comprehensive solution that enables Enterprises to monitor and analyze the connectivity and data usage of all their devices (smartphones, sensors, IoT) over private 5G networks or APNs.

This is essential on two fronts: to ensure network security and verify that Communications Service Providers upkeep the promised quality of service offered to those Enterprises.
Bringing the analytics closer to the end-user

Providing faster insights to get faster decisions

Edge computing will reduce network latency by processing data closer to the end-user. With Mobileum 5G Edge Analytics, the insights that can be delivered to the CSP or the Enterprise, in the case of a private network, are much faster.

The processing time of network events is drastically reduced, providing a faster decision criterion on all the enterprise core elements.
Providing faster insights to get faster decisions

How Edge computing and 5G come together

As 5G infrastructure becomes more commonplace, edge data centers and IoT devices will create processing areas that allow data to be generated, collected, and analyzed locally with minimum latency. This way, the network edge will no longer be an edge in the traditional sense, but rather a pool of interconnected 5G networks making it easier to manage data and prioritize what information needs to be transmitted back to central servers.
How Edge computing and 5G come together

5G Edge Analytics Datasheet

Learn more how Mobileum helps CSPs to monitor, and act proactivly on the 5G edge.

Get the most of low latency communication to increase security and lower your costs

With the number of IoT edge devices expected to rise over the next decade, telecom companies are struggling to make sure their edge computing framework can handle the increased data traffic. By implementing mobile edge computing infrastructures, CSPs can leverage many of the computing resources they already own while delivering faster service with reduced latency.

With Mobileum 5G Edge Analytics, CSPs can provide enterprises the experience of enhanced network security and asset protection, through firsthand identification of irregular data usage while achieving greater operation and lower maintenance costs, through an optimized investigation on connectivity issues.
Get the most of low latency communication

Aggregating levels of intelligence can bring a new multi-dimensional set of insights

Mobileum’s 5G edge analytics provides the enterprises with different levels of intelligence, like network, service, and device-level that can be monitored in a multi-dimensional strategy. Looking at parameters like time, KPIs, service rating scores, or location enterprises can have an aggregated view of all these metrics giving them the flexibility to bring their business model to the 5G edge and perform its digital transformation with all the necessary information on a real-time basis.

Aggregating levels of intelligence

The 6 key benefits enterprises can get from 5G Edge Analytics

Direct monitoring of connectivity
Access to both real-time and historical data to get service metrics in order to control edge devices connectivity performance.
Identify issues affecting devices
Detect devices showing sub-standard Service Rating Scores (SRS).
Increase precision in troubleshooting
The troubleshooting of device-specific issues can be enhanced by real-time and historical information from individual device usage.
Minimize on-site interventions
On-site maintenance interventions can be minimized by allowing remote validation of device status, providing the necessary info to evaluate the deployment of field engineers.
Identify rogue usage of resources
With 5G analytics, there is a faster way to identify the rogue usage of legitimate SIMs or non-authorized devices, by detecting anomalous applications and non-authorized services.
Advanced DPI capability
5G Edge Analytics makes use of an industry-leading high-performance, multi-threaded inspection engine capable of high rates of massive data processing to enable fast and precise decisions to be taken.