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Developing Solutions supports a Representational State Transfer  (REST) interface, providing the transfer of data using JSON over HTTP, with its dsTest suite of network testing software products.  With this feature,  you can use JSON formatted data over HTTP to test GET/POST/PUT/DELETE transaction initiators and responders, allowing the transfer of resources (data, files, and methods).

The JSON payload of objects (name/value pairs) and arrays (list of values) is easy for humans to read and write, and for machines to parse and generate as opposed to XML.

dsTest provides additional features to enhance the effectiveness of HTTP/JSON test scenarios.  Using our SmartFlow feature, you create simple to complex transaction  flows between the device under test (DUT) and the dsTest simulator nodes, including message definitions and state machine elements.  The SmartFlow state machine contains a unique list of states that a HTTP/JSON message flow can traverse.  This allows the definition of different paths for success, failure, or other conditions, all defined within the state machine.  When defining a message template it is only necessary to include and provision the elements whose values will be compared to information in the received message.  Multiple handlers can be used with different templates of the same message type in order to execute various actions or state changes depending on the composition or content of a received message.


The dsTest HTTP/JSON feature allows the simulator nodes to provide the following methods:

  • GET – Retrieve data from the DUT
  • POST – Send data to the DUT
  • PUT – Update data at the DUT
  • DELETE – Delete data at the DUT
  • Result – HTTP response with status code

As with all dsTest products, the node configurations and test scenarios are easily defined and configured with XML files that are validated against a published XML Schema to avoid invalid definitions.  With our dsClient GUI, you can create, run, and archive tests, capture, graph and archive operational measurements, capture real-time data flows, and manage your dsTest servers and testing scenarios with a standalone application that runs on your PC.

When estimating the required Transactions Per Second (TPS) to license for this interface application, use this TPS-to-PPS multiplier table.

Operational Measurements (OMs)

A comprehensive set of Operational Measurements for the HTTP/JSON interface feature is available via dsClient CLI or dsClient GUI.

Supporting Standards