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dsTest User Data Applications

dsTest offers a variety of protocols to test the User Plane and IP services in 3GPP core networks.

  • Add our SIP/RTP application to your IMS Diameter interface applications to implement end-to-end VoLTE testing.
  • Use our Basic Data, HTTP, DNS, or SIP client features, in conjunction with our IP Server or SIP Server emulators, to test throughput in the User Plane. Subscriber (UE) data activities may be coordinated with or driven by events that occur in other interface applications with our SmartEvents feature. Any User Plane data type may be encapsulated with IPSEC that terminates at either our IP Server or Security Gateway emulators.
  • Test DPI and TDF devices by surrounding them with our IP Server and standalone IP Client that supports the same data applications that are available for User Plane testing.
  • Provide DNS and DHCP services to the test network with our server emulators. Test the capacity of DNS and DHCP servers with our DHCP Relay Agent and DNS Client simulators, and validate DNS name resolution with our DNS Client.
  • Test Short Message Peer-to-Peer implementation in 3G core networks by using our SMPP application and its ESME simulator, or test ESME compliance with our GMSC emulator.

User Data Network Diagram