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dsTest supports the Diameter Sy interface on both the (client) Policy Charging and Rules Function (PCRF) and the (server) Online Charging System (OCS) in 3GPP LTE networks.  Determine the impact of the transfer of information relating to subscriber spending on your PCRF or OCS.  The Sy Interface application can be used with our PCRF Emulator to test the functionality, capacity and performance of your OCS.  Use the Sy Interface with our OCS Emulator to test the capability of your PCRF.  Use both the PCRF Emulator and OCS Emulator with the Sy Interface Application to test Diameter Routing Agents (DRA), Proxies, Relay Agents, and Redirect Agents.  The Sy reference point is stateful, and is specified in 3GPP TS 29.219.

Comprehensive sets of operational measurements for the Sy Interface, Diameter, and socket level are collected at configurable intervals and stored in a SQLite database on the dsTest server.  Real-time measurements may be retrieved through our dsClient CLI interface or graphed via our dsClient GUI interface.


The Sy application implements the Spending Limits procedures specified in TS 29.219:

  • Requests for policy counter status;
  • Cancellation of policy counter changes;
  •  Notification of policy counter changes.

A complete set of events that can be generated with the Sy interface application can be found here, and our Diameter Dictionary can help you design, test, validate, and interpret the results of your Diameter testing.

PCRF Testing (Server Emulation)dsTest, Developing Solutions, Sy Interface, PCRF Testing, OCS Testing

Use the Sy Interface application and our OCS Emulator to test your PCRF client functionality.  dsTest supports the Spending-Status-Notification-Request/Answer (SNR/SNA) message, allowing you to:

  • Report policy counter status values for a subscriber to your PCRF;
  • Report policy counter status changes to your PCRF.

OCS Testing (Client Simulation)

The Sy Interface application and our PCRF Emulator can test your OCS server functionality to determine the impact of the transfer of information relating to subscriber spending limits on the OCS.  dsTest supports both Initial, Intermediate, and Final Spending-Limit-Requests/Answers (SLR/SLA) messages, allowing you to:

  • Initiate and terminate subscriptions for policy counter status to your OCS;
  • Request policy counter status from your OCS.

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Use the Sy Interface application in either of the above scenarios along with our Gx and Ro/Gy Interface applications.  Use a combination of client simulators or real network nodes to  test your PCRF and/or your OCS in a realistic network configuration.

Enhance your testing with Developing Solutions® advanced testing features:

  • Insert, delete, or replace AVPs in your messages with our SmartAVP solution.  SmartAVP enables you to define proprietary signaling or to corrupt AVPs to facilitate negative testing.
  • Configure commands to define the series of actions and rates that each subscriber takes. Advanced profiles can be created using SmartEvents to define a mix of traffic based on probability assignments.  With SmartEvents, you can specify when your SmartAVPs are used.
  • Define a set of message templates against which all messages will be validated with our Diameter Dictionary.  Every Diameter message is validated, even under load conditions.

Read more about our SmartEvents feature.
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