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dsTest supports the procedures and information coding of the 3GPP LTE Location Services Application Protocol (LCS-AP) that are needed to support the Location Services (LCS) in E-UTRAN.  The SLs interface is supported on both the Mobility Management Entity (MME) client and the Evolved Serving Mobile Location Center (E-SMLC) server.  LCS is specified in 3GPP TS 23.271 and SLs interface in 3GPP TS 29.171.

Location based services, such as Emergency Services, rely upon LCS.  LCS are also used to optimize network performance and enhance network self-optimization.

Control-plane based positioning services rely upon the E-SMLC to calculate the position of a device upon a request from a GMLC.  From the MME, initiate a location request, and verify that the E-SMLC acknowledges the message from the MME, correctly processes the information, transferring the correct location information back to the MME.  Verify that your E-SMLC correctly interrogates the EUTRAN for the location of the specified User Equipment (UE).  dsTest provides more tools for Location Services EPC compliance testing.


Developing Solutions’ LCS solution includes the following interfaces/protocols in the EPC:

  • SLs between the MME (client) and  E-SMLC (server)
  • Diameter-based SLg between MME (client) and the GMLC (server)
  • Diameter-based SLh between the GMLC (client) and HSS (server)
  • LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP)
  • LTE Positioning Protocol Annex (LPPa)

For the SLs interface, the following procedures are available:

  • Location Request (MME –>E-SMLC)
  • Location Estimate Response (E-SMLC –> MME)
  • Provide Location Request (E-SMLC –> MME)
  • Reset Request
  • LPP Provide Capabilities
  • LPP Request Assistance
  • LPP Provide Location
  • LPPa Request Location
  • LPPa OTDOA Location Request
  • LPP Request Capabilites
  • LPP Provide Assistance
  • LPP Request Location

A complete set of events that can be generated with the SLs interface application can be found here.

Use all of dsTest’s LCS interface applications to test end-to-end positioning services, defining subscriber Location Service Profiles that allow flexible configuration of your location services test cases.

A rich set of operational measurements is collected at configurable intervals and stored in a SQLite database on the dsTest server.  Real-time measurements may be retrieved through our dsClient CLI interface or graphed via our dsClient GUI interface.

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