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dsTest supports the GPRS Tunneling Protocol Version 2 for Control plane (GTPv2-C) message sets over the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) S2a interface between a Trusted WLAN access gateway and S2b interface between ePDG the PGW.

The S2a and S2b Interface applications, along with dsTest interface applications such as S5/S8, S1, S6, and S11, provide dsTest users with complete EPC testing capability. Our eNodeB, MME, SGW, PGW, and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) emulators support end-to-end testing of IP connectivity to LTE access. A comprehensive set of Operational Measurement for the S2a/S2b Interface application is available via dsClient CLI or dsClient GUI.


Path Management MessagesdsTest, Developing Solutions, WLAN Offload, VoWiFi, SWu Interface, IKEv2, S2a Interface, S2b Interface

  • Echo Request
  • Echo Response
  • Version Not Supported Indication.

Tunnel Management Messages

  • Create Session Request/Response
  • Delete Session Request/Response
  • Create Bearer Request/Response
  • Update Bearer Request/Response
  • Delete Bearer Request/Response
  • Delete PDN Connection Set Request/Response
  • Modify Bearer Command
  • Modify Bearer Failure Indication
  • Change Notification Request/Response.

A complete set of events that can be generated with the S2a and S2b interface applications can be found here.

Advanced Testing

Using our SmartEvents application, you have the ability to create simple to complex transaction flows and state machines for the S2a or S2b interface. You can construct different paths for success, failure, or other conditions, all well defined within the state machine. Using our SmartAVP feature, you can create and customize the incoming and outgoing messages increase the flexibility of your test scenarios. Multiple handlers can be used with different templates of the same message type in order to execute various actions or state changes depending on the composition of a received message.

As with all dsTest products, the node configurations and test scenarios are easily defined and configured with XML files that are validated against a published XML Schema to avoid invalid definitions. With our dsClient GUI, you can create, run, and archive tests, capture, graph and archive operational measurements, capture real-time data flows, and manage your dsTest servers and testing scenarios with a standalone application that runs on your PC.

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