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The dsTest Gateway Emulator provides a flexible and convenient way to test various network configurations and elements. Use the Gateway Emulator to test:

With the SGSN node emulation option, dsTest emulates a SGSN supporting Iu/ Gb, Gn and Gi (combined SGSN/GGSN emulation) interfaces. The emulator can be used for testing 2G/3G RANs, Firewalls and other devices that communicate over the Gi interface in the case of combined SGSN/GGSN emulation.

Similarly, as a SGW emulator, dsTest supports testing of S11, S5, and SGi interfaces for testing 4G/5G RANs, and you can test interworking between 3GPP 3G and the EPC, as specified in 3GPP TS 23.401.

The Gateway Emulator can be used to test GTPv1/GTPv2 Handover scenarios, supporting combinations of SGSN, SGW, GGSN, and PGW simulation.

As a Policy Enforcement Gateway (PEG), the Gateway Emulator leverages current dsTest emulator/simulator technology to provide:

  • Extension of real-time, dynamic policy enforcement to the device;
  • Central policy enforcement point for testing various scenarios;
  • Testing network congestion with Wi-Fi offload use cases based on preferential network access, subscriber tier or type, device, application, quota, or network conditions;
  • Testing of QoS;
  • Testing seamless service experience across all access networks.

Gateway Emulator Use Cases

Use Case 1: Policy Enforcement Gateway

Gateway Emulator configuration: SGSN, GGSN, PCEF, DHCP Server