Data Ingestion

A modern data lake environment

Unleash the full potential of your data, with Mobileum’s unified telecom products
Collect data from anywhere in any format

Collect data from anywhere in any format

One of the biggest challenges in business monitoring is the ability to seamlessly integrate all the different data sources.

Mobileum's Active Intelligence is the leading platform for telecommunications companies worldwide to integrate data in a timely, cost-effective manner across multiple systems, unlocking the full business potential of enterprise data and accelerating their risk management and continuous control monitoring (CCM) programs.

Active Intelligence's next-generation graphical data ingestion process supports generalized access to all types of data including databases, files, machine and application data, free text, and event streams, to create a complete picture of the business and drive actionable insights.

Built-in data enrichment for advanced profiling and behavioral analytics

In today’s telecom environment, data is ubiquitous and critical to the business, which eventually increases the need for integration across different applications and platforms like Cloud, Web Service, etc.
Active Intelligence is prepared out-of-the-box to enrich all collected data with additional internal or external information to create a detailed image of each individual event.

Following a data fabric architecture, we can address the extreme levels of diversity, distribution, scale, and complexity in telecommunications’ data assets that are adding tremendous complexity to the overall data integration and data management design.

Input data can be enriched in batch mode or in real-time to help you better understand the big picture and enable the usage of entity profiles for a targeted approach to events having different characteristics or statuses.
Built-in data enrichment for advanced profiling

Build data pipelines with no coding required

Active Intelligence’s drag-and-drop ETL solutions make it simple for anyone to pull data from multiple sources, process and transform it, and load it into Active Intelligence.
To simplify the data collection design process, Active Intelligence includes a user-friendly visual big data integration studio that eliminates the need for programming and scripting, considerably reducing integration errors and making maintenance a lot easier.

Drag and drop to almost instantly blend and enrich vast volumes of data and integrate your results easily with Active Intelligence’s business rules engines to assure your data.
Simply drag and drop datasets, actions, and connections to the canvas. Active Intelligence’s ETL allows you to visualize your data flows and define operations, previewing as you go.

Integrate real-time data for smarter risk decisions

Risk management monitoring such as fraud detection should not depend on slow data pipelines. Active Intelligence outperforms traditional decision engines, unleashing functions that power innovation like real-time insights, instant integration, and support for AI and machine learning algorithms. The longer that a data point is in a “processing” stage before business users can access it, the less valuable it is when activated. In order to maximize the value of the data you’re collecting and best address risk management, it’s critical to ensure that telecoms are able to access data as close to real-time as possible and avoid batch data processing where you can.
Active Intelligence supports highly scalable mass data ingestion with a message-based interface for immediate reaction to events. High-performance data ingestion processes can be scheduled or executed in real-time on event generation.
Prebuilt readers for commonly used data structures and protocols like ASN.1, TAP, or NRTRDE empower high-performance connectivity to multiple business systems, databases, and SDK’s for intelligent data parsing.
Integrate real-time data for smarter risk decisions

One platform that cut the data silos between all telecom applications and insights

Digital business depends on a flexible application portfolio that enables delightful digital experiences, that support new ways of doing business, and that makes the most of new technologies.
Process large data sets

Process large data sets, on-site or in the cloud

Big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), software as a service (SaaS), cloud activity, and more are causing an explosion in the number of data sources as well as the sheer volume of data existing in the world.

Out-of-the-box integration with big data sources like Hadoop, Spark or Flink enable Active Intelligence to efficiently process data even in the most demanding environments.
Integration with data science toolkits is provided through drag and drop tasks allowing users to easily create data collection flows with Python and R advanced data transformations for operationalizing data science work.
Data integration is a key component as CSPs pursue digital transformation strategies, as the ability to improve operations, boost customer satisfaction, and compete in an increasingly digital world requires insight into all of their data. Using Active Intelligence data integration capabilities, CSPs can consolidate all kinds of data—structured, unstructured, batch, and streaming—to do everything from risk management monitoring to complex predictive analytics.

Learn how Active Intelligence's ‘data lake’ can turn into an ocean of telecom intelligence and actions

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Powerful Data Blending

Active Intelligence allows power users to mash up distinct data sources into a coherent business logic layer in order to have a clear picture of the entire data universe, actionable by analysts and business users, and access a single source of truth.

Internal information from systems such as CRM or billing, and external information like credit scoring from agencies or information gathered from 3rd party applications using API’s like the ones available from TM Forum, can be automatically blended with collected data to deliver powerful analytics-ready information.
Powerful Data Blending

Full Process Execution Traceability

Active Intelligence maintains a complete audit trail so that you can fully trace every process execution action and drill down to its details.
Full Process Execution Traceability

Flexible data storage deployment, whether on your premises or in the public cloud

As the market embraces edge computing and 5G networks, telecommunications service providers are increasingly looking for ways to migrate their monolithic services to microservices and containers.

Containers offer a logical packaging mechanism in which applications can be abstracted from the environment in which they actually run. This decoupling allows Active Intelligence’s container-based risk management applications to be deployed easily and consistently, regardless of whether the target environment is a private data center, the public cloud, or even a developer’s personal laptop.
Active Intelligence container-native storage flexibility has been designed for enterprise customers who need global hybrid cloud data access for mission-critical data. Our approach provides a streamlined way for CSPs to discover, secure, protect and manage data from the edge to the core data center, to the public cloud.
Flexible data storage deployment

Access a prebuilt catalog of telecom products on top of Active Intelligence low-code platform

Risk Management
Risk Management and Continous Control Monitoring
Automate risk management processes through continuous control monitoring on telecom processes that improve profits, revenues, and cash flows without influencing demand. Access a prebuilt catalog of high-impact revenue assurance risks on telecom processes, and improve your risk-based approach by applying continuous control monitoring on top of data. Empower risk-based decisions across the telecom value chain with a unified data environment and analytics derived by the Active Intelligence platform.
Roaming, Network and Security
Roaming, Network and Security
Our comprehensive portfolio of Roaming, Network, and Security products provides the deepness and coverage to support communication service providers with the most robust and high-performing network solutions. Our products integrate data insights with our expert knowledge to offer service providers the backup they need. Our products help our customers to improve network services by simplifying their operations, responding quickly to fast-changing demand, secure their operations, and get the most from their resources to ensure maximum service performance and reliability.
Automated Testing and Monitoring
Automated Testing and Monitoring
Automate and run your tests earlier and more frequently to discover errors sooner. Create realistic workloads, track SLAs, and analyze the root cause of any issue. Test network and services at various stages of telecommunications product development life-cycle. Furthermore, automation enables stress-free network maintenance as most repetitive and time-consuming tasks are taken care of by specialized engines blending Rule Base, Closed Loop, and ML operations. Add testing automation that acts as the foundation pillar to manage the E2E user experience.
Stream data integration to meet real-time data integration and analytics requirements

Stream data integration to meet real-time data integration and analytics requirements

The increasing complexity of streaming data in the telecom industry is creating opportunities for deeper analytics and better operational intelligence. Data and analytics practitioners can leverage stream data integration as part of their data management strategies for real-time integration and analytics. Following an event-driven architecture (EDA), Active Intelligence is able to take the most during risk management and continuous control monitoring processes. It allows telecom organizations to track and detect “events” (valuable business moments such as signaling feeds or charging events) and then instantly act on these events.
Telecom fraud detection and other complex inference risk management processes require the handling of real-time events from distributed sensors, external credit agencies and other processing components, including historical data-at-rest repositories. Distributed event-driven architectures such as the one provided by Active Intelligence provide the underlying communications infrastructure that enables high performance rule-based event processing service.

Turbocharge data integration with prebuilt connectors and industry APIs

Based on years of experience in the telecom industry, our ETL tool delivers number and variety of connectors you will need to ingest data from a variety of network vendors, connectors for databases, APIs, and applications.  Mobileum’s Active Intelligence includes REST-based APIs that enable you to integrate into a telecom environment and consume catalog content anywhere.
Pre-built connectors collect data from databases, data warehouses, data lakes, cloud data stores, applications, BI tools, ETL tools, third-party metadata catalogs, NoSQL, and more. As part of the Mobileum’s data integration capabilities, we provide out-of-the-box APIs as defined by the TM Forum's Open API program. By aligning data ingestion with TM Forum Open APIs, interoperability with existing ecosystems becomes seamless and cost effective for CSPs.Open API Map is able to resolve existing API decentralized and unstructured issues, attracting more industrial partners to engage in the construction of API standards as well as gradually having a cross industry, cross vendor, and cross systems standardized common language.
Turbocharge data integration