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dsTest supports Diameter over the Wg Interface, providing information needed by the Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) to perform policy enforcement functions for authorized users. The Wg Interface Application utilizes the Network Access Server Requirements (NASREQ) Diameter protocol application as specified in RFC 7155. It is stateful, denoted by application identifier of ‘1’ and is specified in 3GPP TS 23.234 and TS 29.234.

Use the Wg interface application to verify routing policy download as part of your 3GPP V0WLAN/V0Wi-Fi testing scenarios, testing either the AAA or WAG.


  • Routing Policy Download Procedures (AAA initiated) — Routing policy download procedures are performed using the NASREQ AA-Request/Answer (AAR-AAA) command set as defined in RFC 7155.
  • Routing Policy Cancellation Procedures (AAA initiatied) — Routing policy cancellation procedures are based upon the Abort-Session-Request/Answer (ASR/ASA) commands as defined in RFC 6733.
  • Routing Policy Cancellation Procedure (WAG initiated) — WAG initiated cancellation procedures are based the Session Termination Request/ Answer (STR/STA) commands as specified in RFC 6733.

A complete set of events that can be generated with the Wg interface application can be found here.

Extensible Authorization Protocol (EAP)

The Wg interface application performs authentication based on reuse of the DER/DEA command set defined in Diameter Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).

AAA Testing (Server Emulation)

When testing an AAA server, the Wg Interface application can be used on the WAG to test the responses of the AAA to messages from the gateway. When used together with our other WLAN Offload Interface applications, you can provide a comprehensive AAA functional and load test solution.

WAG Testing (Client Simulation)

A node configured with the Wg Interface application can function as an AAA Emulator providing services to the WAG in support of functional or load testing of your the WAG for routing policy implementation in a WLAN/VoWiFi testing situation.

Operational Measurements

dsTest provides rich sets of measurements that include but are not limited to:

  • Transaction and transport layer attempts, successes, and failures
  • Transaction duration, transactions-per-second, and round-trip delay
  • Message and byte counters
  • Errors encountered and error indications received in messages

See our Online Help for Wg measurements, Diameter measurements, and socket measurements.

You can read more about the reporting features offered with dsTest and dsClient here.

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