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dsTest supports server emulation and client simulation with the Mobile Application Part (MAP) Gf Interface Application. Test Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) Gf interfaces in UMTS networks with our Home Location Register (HLR) Emulator. Use the Gf Interface application on our HLR emulator to emulate Equipment Identity Register (EIR) functionality. Use the Gf Interface application on our SSGN node to test the capacity and performance of an EIR. For more information regarding how to use dsTest for MAP functional and compliance testing, see our page on Conformance Testing.


The Gf Interface application implements the Mobile Application Check International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) service. A complete set of events that can be generated with the Gf interface can be found here. Use our MAP Dictionary to assist in setting up and interpreting MAP test scenarios.

SGSN Testing (Server Emulation)

Test the behavior of an SGSN by configuring an HLR/EIR node emulator with EIR functionality to return a mix of unknown equipment dsTest, Developing Solutions, Gf Interface, Gf Server Emulation, SGSN Testingresponses or status codes for various subscribers, or simply use an emulator to respond to requests, eliminating the need to dedicate a production server to lab activities.

The HLR/EIR Emulator provides Mobile Equipment Identity data repository service for the Gf interface—all of the functionality required by an SGSN.

You can configure the subscriber database with a mix of valid and invalid IMEIs and various status codes, causing the HLR/EIR emulator node to return unknown equipment responses or black-listed status codes for certain subscribers. You can also use the control interface to change the node’s behavior. Simulate a non-responsive server by pausing the node or simulate intermittent issues by pausing and resuming. Disable individual subscribers during the test run, generating unknown subscriber errors.

Read more about our HLR Emulator.

HLR Testing (Client Simulation)

The dsTest Gf Interface Application simulates an SGSN’s Gf interface to validate an EIR’s performance and capacity in a realistic network environment, replicating the deployment configuration.dsTest, Developing Solutions, Gf Interface, Gf Client Simulation, HLR Testing, EIR Testing

Execute timed chains of test events with a run-time command or during an automated test to issue requests for specified subscribers, simulating real-world subscriber activity. For more information on this feature see SmartEvents.

Generate identity check requests, simulating real-world attach attempts by subscribers with valid and invalid IMEIs.

Multiple SGSN nodes can be instantiated on a single server, each with scalable subscriber loads and transaction rates. In this mode, up to 1000 independent SGSN nodes may be simultaneously simulated. The nodes are fully independent and their subscriber configurations may be independent, overlap, or be duplicated.

Operational Measurements

dsTest provides rich sets of measurements that include but are not limited to:

  • Transaction and transport layer attempts, successes, and failures
  • Transaction duration, transactions-per-second, and round-trip delay
  • Message and byte counters
  • Errors encountered and error indications received in messages

See our Online Help for MAP measurements, TCAP measurements, SCCP measurements, M3UA measurements, and SCTP measurements.

You can read more about the reporting features offered with dsTest and dsClient here.

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