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McKinney, TX (Mar 25, 2014) – The Policy Control and Charging (PCC) Rules Function (PCRF) is a centralized policy decision point that deploys business policy rules to allocate and monitor network resources and manage flow-based charges for subscribers and services.  Gx is the policy interface between the PCRF and the Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF) that provides this control.

An important part of provisioning PCC profiles for subscribers is the ability to monitor usage of network resources during an IP-CAN session.  Usage can be volume or time, which can be performed in parallel.  Usage monitoring and reporting can be by individual PCC rule or for an entire IP-CAN session.

Developing Solutions’ dsTest supports the requirements of 3GPP TS 29.212, which specifies how Usage Monitoring and Reporting is to be provided over the Gx interface.

dsTest users can test a full range of usage monitoring and reporting scenarios.  Refer to Policy Use Case – Usage Monitoring and Reporting  for more information.

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 About dsTest

dsTest originates, receives, and processes signaling traffic into and from the core network.  Multiple emulated nodes can be coordinated to simulate the UE traffic for complex signaling interactions such as VoLTE.  Unlike some test tools, dsTest provides stateful, standards-based applications that react appropriately to both expected and unexpected events without the need for scripting, simplifying the process of performance testing the signaling core.  dsTest surpasses all other tools with its capacity, its performance, and the ease with which you can customize the scenarios and messages to achieve your testing goals.

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