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McKinney, TX (November 2, 2009) – Developing Solutions, Inc. began beta testing a new product, part of the dsTest family. The HSS Emulator has been introduced for the S6(a/d) interface to test the capacity and performance of MME and SGSN nodes. Even though the S6 interface comes standard with the product, customers may also order the Gr and S13 interfaces.

Like the HLR Emulator that completed beta testing last September, the HSS Emulator is easily scalable to emulate small and large subscriber loads and can be configured via XML files. Network equipment manufacturers and service providers will be able to reduce the time to market of new services while ensuring that the quality and performance requirements are not compromised.

Developing Solutions also announced that beta testing of an Equipment Identity Register (EIR) Emulator is scheduled to begin in two weeks.

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