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Developing Solutions® announces their graphical user interface for the dsTest® suite of products.  With dsClient™ GUI, users can now create and run testing scenarios, graph real-time measurements, and manage their dsTest servers and testing scenarios with a standalone application that runs on their PC.  dsClient GUI includes these features:

  • Operation Measurement (OM) display and graphing;
  • XML document creation, maintenance and management;

  • dsTest Server management;
  • Interaction with tests while they’re running;
  • Windows and Linux platform support.

Operational Measurements Display and Graphing

dsClient provides a graphical display of the Operational Measurements (OM) collected by the dsTest applications.  Multiple OMs can be directed to one or more graphs to provide comparative displays.

XML Document Creation, Maintenance and Management

dsClient GUI enables you to produce XML documents, no matter how complex, without any specific knowledge of XML. The only contact with XML is when the finished document is produced, with the click of a button. As more nodes, interfaces, and subscribers are configured, you can build a structure and provision parameter values to suit test goals. dsClient GUI increases your efficiency with:

  • An XML wizard for creation of complete XML documents or  XML Snippets;
  • Real-time validation of parameter values;
  • XML structures that are always schema compliant;
  • Automatic upgrade to new schema versions when dsTest is upgraded, with support for multiple versions;
  • A library of commonly-used or standard configurations in XML Snippets that can be included in an XML document or in a higher level XML Snippet;
  • Configuration of groups of subscriber that share the same profiles.
  • Creation and maintenance of documents that are schema compliant when not connected to the test server network.

When testing with multiple vendors, build separate node configurations to vendor requirements and easily change from one to another in your test scenarios. Build interface configurations for any available protocol with the appropriate addressing information and switch between them by choosing a different option from a selection list. Configure different subscriber databases and save them with names that clearly identify their purposes. In addition to the ease of swapping between configurations, you’ll be able to easily identify how your subscribers are configured.

Test Scenario Management

You can interact with currently running test scenarios:

  • Save runtime commands with the test scenario and execute with the click of a button;
  • Create command shortcuts with limited scope (only affect the emulators configured in the workspace);
  • Query or modify parameter values during runtime;
  • Pipe dsTest log messages back to the GUI;
  • Send messages to other users who are connected to a particular server.

dsTest Server Management

dsClient GUI downloads and maintains information from the dsTest server(s). When you start dsClient GUI, it scans the registered servers and updates the information as necessary. With this feature, you are ensured that dsClient is using the same schema as the server(s). You can work with the files even if the server network is unreachable. The information maintained includes:

  • dsTest schema files that govern configuration and command options for the various applications;
  • The server’s current dsTest license.


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