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McKinney, TX (Dec 10, 2013) – dsTest® was shortlisted for Best Test and Measurement LTE Product at the 2013 LTE North America show.  While we didn’t win first prize this year, we continuously add new features and functionality to dsTest, and we expect to win first place in 2014.
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Wireless Service Providers and Network Equipment Manufacturers rely on Developing SolutionsdsTest to test capacity and reliability of their network devices and architectures.

dsTest is targeted for network equipment manufacturers and service providers to enable reduced time to market of new services while ensuring the network quality and performance requirements are not compromised.  It allows you to validate the network performance and capacity in a realistic network environment with a mix of subscriber profiles, replicating a deployed configuration.

dsTest focuses on the Subscriber Management, PCC, and SMS interfaces in the mobile packet core network.  Our Client Simulator applications can validate the stability and performance of network elements, and our EPC server emulators can be passive or active participants in the lab, thus enabling lab network administrators to quickly and easily configure subscriber and policy settings.

dsTest offers a comprehensive set of high performance testing solutions for the 3G and 4G core network.  A single dsTest platform scales to support thousands of network connections, over one hundred million subscribers, and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second from a single server.  Designed explicitly to facilitate the cost-effective testing of high performance protocols and applications, dsTest is focused core network service interfaces to support your network evolution testing.

With dsTest, you can:

  • Measure call performance and capacity;
  • Verify new mobility features and standards before deployment;
  • Identify performance ceilings and bottlenecks;
  • Validate system scalability with easily scalable subscriber loads;
  • Plan capacity;
  • Maintain interactive control and monitoring for real-time test configuration, event triggering, and measurement sampling;
  • Allow unattended testing creating real-world scenarios with heavy load and long-duration stability tests.

dsTest Network Interfaces

Select the interfaces required to accomplish your testing goals–surround a network element with client simulators that simulate client activity, provision a server emulator with the interfaces necessary to support end-to-end testing, or test agents and proxies using both client simulation and server emulation.

Network interface applications (client simulators or service node emulators) are individually licensed, allowing you to purchase only the interface functionality that your test plans require.  Applications focus on true emulation rather than scripted commands and responses, and node emulators support interaction between different active application interfaces on the same node.

dsTest Performance

In an optimal configuration, dsTest supports the following maximums:

  • More than 100,000,000 subscribers, depending on memory capacity and emulator configuration (number of nodes, number of interfaces, and the number of features enabled);
  • Expanded memory capacity results in a nearly linear expansion of subscriber/session capacity resulting in more than 600,000 transactions/second (an application layer request/response exchange is considered a transaction).

dsTest Graphical User Interface

With dsClient™ GUI, you can create and run testing scenarios, graph, and save real-time measurements, and manage your dsTest servers and testing scenarios with a standalone application that runs on your PC or Mac.  dsClient GUI includes these features:

  • XML document creation, maintenance and management;
  • SmartFlow™/SmartEvents creation using a visual, drag-n-drop state machine diagramming tool;
  • Operational Measurement (OM) capture, display and graphing;
  • Packet Capture and Display;
  • Traffic Profiling;
  • Bundling of files for archiving or handing off to other users for import into their dsTest xml libraries;
  • dsTest Server management;
  • Interaction with tests while they’re running;
  • Integrated SSH connection for interacting directly with the dsTest server;
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX platform support.

Reference Guides

Use these Reference Guides to augment your network testing:

About Developing Solutions, Inc.

Developing Solutions focuses on providing test solutions for core network interfaces in Policy & Charging Control (PCC), Subscriber Management, Authentication Accounting & Authorization (AAA), and Diameter Routing Agents (DRA).  Developing Solutions was founded in 2002, and has extensive experience in the Telecom and Datacom industries, including both NEM and test equipment manufacturers.  The company is located in the DFW Metroplex.