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McKinney, TX (March 19, 2015) – Network Testing Solutions: dsAnalyzer

dsAnalyzer is a comprehensive 3G/4G/LTE packet core traffic analysis tool, available for Linux platforms.  It is a software solution that allows your existing network taps and probes to be used to generate message trace files that can be fed into dsAnalyzer for detailed filtering and examination of packets.  The information gained from this type of analysis is crucial for verifying complex network services such as VoLTE, Resource Allocation, or Usage Monitoring and Reporting.   Network performance and routing anomalies such as traffic bottlenecks and capacity issues can be addressed.

dsAnalyzer currently supports multiple Diameter interfaces, GTPv1-C, GTPv2-C, and MAP.  It accepts inputs from multiple message trace files and correlates the packets based upon configurable filters, and supports both stateful and stateless protocols.  New interfaces can be added quickly.  Contact Developing Solutions if you have an interface you would like to have considered.

dsAnalyzer has a graphical user interface that allows it to be quickly configured and controlled.  It can also be operated from the Linux command line.

dsAnalyzer Feature Summary

  • Correlation of messages by specified filters including:
    • IMSI, IMEI, MSISDN, UE MAC Address, Private Identity, Public Identity, Port number.
  • Live message capture/streaming analysis;
  • Traffic correlation across supported applications;
  • Dictionary and AVP/IE analysis and validation.
  • Creation of multiple output pcap or pcapng files based upon specific filters;
  • Annotations for for pcapng files;
  • Creation of SQL Operational Measurement (OM) files based upon the message analysis;
  • OM Charting and playback;
  • Standard and next generation pcap (pcapng) input file support;
  • Merging of multiple input pcap files;
  • Optional OM file to csv format conversion for spreadsheet analysis and graphing.

For detailed information on dsAnalyzer, refer to our dsAnalyzer Online Support Page, or contact Developing Solutions.

General References

Diameter Result Codes
Diameter Dictionary
Specification Map

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