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McKinney, TX (June 12, 2013) – Developing Solutions® continues enhancements to dsClient™ GUI, extending its comprehensive test tool and framework for your dsTest® based testing scenarios.

Existing features of dsClient GUI include:

  • Import and Export existing dsTest configurations;
  • Terminate, Restart, or Abort dsTest;
  • Create, Start, Stop, and Modify new and existing configurations;
  • Capture, filter and display packets from:
    • Existing capture files;
    • Packet Streams as the traffic occurs on the dsTest server(s).
  • Creation of test configuration “bundles” that can be archived or handed off to other users for import into their dsTest xml libraries.
  • Perform actions on the test nodes currently loaded and running on the server;
  • Get the status and version of dsTest from target server(s);
  • Get the current details and status of your dsTest license;
  • See what other clients are connected to the server;
  • Issue  commands to currently running test nodes;
  • Issue server commands for server diagnostics.

Developing Solutions has added the following new features, now available in the latest v2.6  dsTest:

  • Save OM Report configurations in the library with your test configurations;
  • Customize colors used to graph OM Charts so that charts can be created and saved in an organized manner;
  • Control dsTest server(s) via SSH connection.

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About dsTest

dsTest’s performance and growing collection of protocol applications  gives dsTest the ability to identify potential bottlenecks in the lab before they show up in the network.  Developing Solutions helps carriers and equipment manufacturers avoid costly downtime by easily scaling an environment to simulate hundreds of millions of subscribers to test capacity, scalability and redundancy.

dsTest originates, receives, and processes signaling traffic into and from the core network.  Multiple emulated nodes can be coordinated to simulate the UE traffic for complex signaling interactions such as VoLTE.  Unlike some test tools, dsTest provides stateful, standards-based applications that react appropriately to both expected and unexpected events without the need for scripting.  We have simplified the process of performance testing the signaling core with multiple advanced testing features, such as SmartEvents™, Diameter Dictionary validation, and SmartAVP™ customized messages.

dsTest surpasses all other tools with  its capacity, performance, and the ease with which you can customize the scenarios and messages to achieve your testing goals.

To learn more about Developing Solutions core network emulation and test solutions, refer to our product page or contact Developing Solutions, Inc. at or (877) 233-8350.

About Developing Solutions, Inc.

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