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McKinney, Tx (Nov 16, 2015) – Developing Solutions will be at the LTE NA show in Dallas.  We are is focused on protocol development, test, and traffic analysis.  dsTest, our software platform for the rapid deployment of protocols stacks, is intended for performance and functional testing.  dsTest is designed to take advantage of the latest processor technology to provide very high performance and capacity products, which scale cost effectively to over 200+ million subscribers and/or 1.2 million transactions per second.

With dsTest, we provide solutions for testing/emulating subscriber management, policy and charging, Diameter Routing, WiFi Offload, SMS, IMS, eMBMS, and M2M/MTC nodes with the 3G/4G mobile packet core.  We also offer message capture and analysis of Diameter, MAP and GTP traffic with our dsAnalyzer tool.

Please come by Booth 20 to see a demonstration of dsTest.  Also watch for dsTest being used by our customers in their demonstrations and exhibits at the show.