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Developing Solutions introduces a new licensing model which allows its customers to share a license across multiple groups within an organization, across multiple test servers, and thus share dsTest® testing resources and applications.

A Floating License enables test servers having network connectivity to a dsTest License Server to check out capacity and performance resources needed for a specific test or set of tests. Once the test(s) have completed, the resources are returned to the License Server and are available for use by other servers on the test network. Licensed applications, such as S6, Gx, Rx, Rf, and Ro, are available to all test servers connected to the dsTest License server.

Leverage your investment

The licensing model implemented by Developing Solutions allows our customers to leverage their dsTest resources across an entire organization. While a system test group may need a large number of dsTest resources for large scale testing, the resources can be used by other groups during non-peak test times. Additional cost savings are realized because the applications are purchased only once.

About dsTest

dsTest focuses on the Subscriber Management, PCC, and SMS interfaces in the mobile packet core network. Our Client Simulator applications can validate the stability and performance of network elements, and our Server Emulators can be passive or active participants in the lab, thus enabling lab network administrators to quickly and easily configure subscriber and policy settings.  dsTest scales to support millions of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second from a single server.

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About Developing Solutions, Inc.

Developing Solutions is a test equipment software development firm founded in 2002 with extensive experience in the Telecom and Datacom industries, including both NEM and test equipment manufacturers. Developing Solutions is located in the DFW Metroplex.