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McKinney, TX (May 13, 2013) – Developing Solutions, Inc. announces that dsTest v2.6 is now available to all current customers with active support agreementsand is available for downloading from the Developing Solutions secure support website.

Some of the features planned for dsTest v2.6 development cycle include:

  • Customer Requested Features;
  • Streaming/Filtering of Captured Packets;
  • SLs Interface Application – Location Services (LCS) interface, located between the MME and the E-SMLC;
  • 3GPP RADIUS Application;
  • OM Threshold Notifications;
  • Ongoing Interface Application and Protocol Enhancements;
  • Performance Linear Scalability to 31 cores;
  • Copy/Paste from/to inbound/outbound messages;
  • Traffic Rate Modeling;
  • GUI Support for Server Notifications;
  • Embedded Help – Pop-up help for all structures and parameters;
  • OM Graph Enhancements
    • Chart configurations saved;
    • OMs graphed from OM database files;
    • Customizable colors.
  • SmartMonitor
    • Subscriber Tracing – Follows a subscriber’s progress through a SmartFlow™ or SmartEvents™ State Machine;
    • Instrumented State Machine – State Machine diagram annotated with the number of subscribers in each state.
  • Subscriber ID/Profile Groups – Subscribers mapped to profile definitions;
  • Integrated SSH Shell;

This event also marks the completion of the dsTest v2.5 development phase.

Release v2.5 brought many new applications and feature enhancements to the dsTest platform:

  • Interface Applications/Protocols:
  • Packet Capture – Capture packets between dsTest nodes.
  • Dynamic Identity – dsTest automatically learns the identity of the subscribers for all primary identities, if all subscribers are otherwise configured identically.
  • Inspection of Messages and AVP Dictionaries on inbound messages – Configure dsTest to inspect and trigger on inbound messages for matches on user-customizable message and AVP templates.
  • Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) authentication method support for the S6b, STa, SWa, and SWm Diameter interface applications.
  • Server Notifications – Client applications can register for, and be notified of, server events.
  • Hosted Floating Licensinga licensing model hosted by Developing Solutions allowing customers to share a license across multiple groups within an organization, across multiple test servers, and thus share dsTest testing resources and applications.
  • dsTest Status and Operations Window – Server-level status/commands and control of existing dsTest nodes;
  • dsTest Server Diagnostics Window – Status, memory, events, timer, interface, messages; diagnostic commands for dsTest servers;
  • OM Graphing Enhancements – Customizable chart sizes.

About dsTest

dsTest originates, receives, and processes signaling traffic into and from the core network.  Multiple emulated nodes can be coordinated to simulate the UE traffic for complex signaling interactions such as VoLTE.  Unlike some test tools, dsTest provides stateful, standards-based applications that react appropriately to both expected and unexpected events without the need for scripting.  We have simplified the process of performance testing the signaling core.

dsTest surpasses all other tools with  its capacity, its performance, and the ease with which you can customize the scenarios and messages to achieve your testing goals.

To learn more about Developing Solutions‘ core network emulation and test solutions, refer to our product page or contact Developing Solutions, Inc. at or (877) 233-8350.

About Developing Solutions, Inc.

Developing Solutions focuses on providing test solutions for core network interfaces in Policy & Charging Control (PCC), Subscriber Management, Authentication Accounting & Authorization (AAA), and Diameter Routing Agents (DRA). Developing Solutions was founded in 2002, and has extensive experience in the Telecom and Datacom industries, including both NEM and test equipment manufacturers. The company is located in the DFW Metroplex.