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McKinney, TX (Apr 27, 2018) – Developing Solutions provides extensive network and protocol testing tools and references to assist 3G/4G/5G Core Network testing. The following is a list of just a few of the testing capabilities provided by Developing Solutions‘ dsTest:

The Developing Solutions website contains extensive information these topics and others that can aid your testing, whether or not you are a user of dsTest.

Protocol Dictionaries, updated to the latest versions of the 3GPP Specifications –

  • Diameter Dictionary – reference guide to aid the configuration and interpretation of Diameter test scenarios; In addition, your Diameter messages can be verified against specification standards even during high load conditions, or you can define your own dictionary for use your Diameter message validation;
  • S1 Dictionary – aid for the configuration and interpretation of S1AP test scenarios
  • GTPCv1 Dictionary – aid for the configuration and interpretation of GTPv1 test scenarios
  • GTPCv2 Dictionary – aid for the configuration and interpretation of GTPv2 test scenarios
  • MAP Dictionary –aid for the configuration and interpretation of MAP test scenarios
  • M3 Dictionary – aid for configuration and interpretation of eMBMS/M3 test scenarios
  • Radius Dictionary – aid for the configuration and interpretation of RADIUS test scenarios
  • Packet Forwarding Control Protocol (PFCP) – under development
  • N2AP – under development

Result/Response/Error Codes and Values, updated to the latest versions of the 3GPP Specifications:

Other References:

dsTest runs on several distributions of Linux and is designed to take advantage of the latest processor and virtualization technology available with COTS hardware in order to provide high performance and capacity, and assists carriers and vendors in their drive toward network function virtualization (NFV) and software defined networks (SDN). Wireless Service Providers and Network Equipment Manufacturers rely on dsTest to for performance, compliance, and reliability validation of their network devices and architectures. dsTest is accompanied by the dsClient graphic user interface (GUI), which allows easy configuration and control of the tool, and provides live operational measurements monitoring in chart or tabular form.

To learn more about Developing Solutions core network test solutions, refer to our product page or contact Developing Solutions, Inc. at or (877) 233-8350.

About Developing Solutions, Inc.

Developing Solutions is a test equipment software development firm founded in 2002 with extensive experience in the Telecom and Datacom industries, including both NEM and test equipment manufacturers. Developing Solutions helps carriers and equipment manufacturers avoid costly downtime by easily scaling an environment to simulate hundreds of millions of subscribers to test capacity, compliance, scalability and redundancy. The company is located in the DFW Metroplex.