Mobileum captures, organises and extracts insights from some of the biggest and most complicated datasets that our modern societies currently produce. We put a magnifying glass on the realities collectively constructed by billions of connected individuals and machines, making sense of how humanity is re-creating wholly new digital universes with bits and bytes – universes that need to be seen, interpreted and explained. From taking deep dives into digital behaviours, to exploring the most intimate interactions between network technology and user experiences, we do it all.

Our Data Science and Signatures team consists of ambitious, creative and passionate individuals, united in the common goal of making a difference. With millions of users generating hundreds of TBs of data daily, our day-to-day job becomes an adventure of connecting digital signals with real-life habits to formulate granular audience insights – who they are, how they behave, and ultimately, how we can expect them to behave in the future.

In Mobileum, we have strived to expand our Deep Network Analytics (DNA) platform with tailor-made elements for knowledge plane development. Our systems can identify and classify over 28K applications and components, and 30K devices and IoT sensors. As the Signatures team, it is our role to keep these figures growing. We take pride in being able to detect more than anyone else out there, and we don’t intend on letting that change. You will join a thrilling environment, a team of relentless individuals who are always ambitious for more.


As a Network Signatures Engineer, you are expected to analyse network traffic samples in order to extract the distinguishing characteristics of the flows as well as reverse engineer the many custom protocols which are abundant in the network. You will write and maintain the signatures which classify the bits and bytes passing over the wire to the specific application and component.

You will achieve this by dissecting the web/mobile application anatomy through manual and automated procedures, or by conducting several experiments in order to be able to analyse each component of them and identify the unique patterns they generate.


  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science, or other related engineering discipline
  • Deep knowledge of OSI model, TCP/IP networking stack and network IDS technologies
  • Ability to analyse legitimate and fraudulent network traffic and create signatures
  • Proficient in full packet capture/packet analysis and accompanying tools (Wireshark, etc.)
  • Experience in Unix systems, scripting in bash and Python
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Comfortable working with a diverse and global team of security professionals

 If you feel that you've got what it takes to work with us and want to join a dynamic team, apply now with your updated CV by sending an email to Careers.Greece@mobileum.com