dsClient GUI

dsAnalyzer can be configured and operated by a standalone Java-based application that can run on any platform that supports the recommended version of Java. 

dsClient GUI is designed to run on a client, such as a laptop or desktop.  IT SHOULD NOT BE INSTALLED ON A dsAnalyzer SERVER.

dsClient GUI does not require a license and can be installed on multiple platforms.

dsClient GUI is also used for Developing Solutions' dsTest product.  Only the GUI features that apply to dsAnalyzer are covered in this Online Help.  For more information on dsTest, refer to the Developing Solutions web site, or contact Developing Solutions.

In This Section...


Installing and Upgrading dsClient GUI - installation and upgrade instructions for Windows and Linux

Getting Started - general information about the dsAnalyzer workspace, the XML Library, and registering dsAnalyzer servers

Configuring XML Documents - instructions on configuring dsAnalyzer XML documents

Interacting with dsAnalyzer - instructions on using dsClient GUI to interact with dsAnalyzer