Radio Network Controller (RNC) Events  <event> 

Events which an Radio Network Controller (RNC) can initiate


attach UE Attach ranap Iu-PS
detach Mobile originating detach. This message is sent by the MS to request the release of a GMM context. See table TS 24.008 ranap Iu-PS
update ranap Iu-PS
reset Reset parts of a Iu/RANAP Interface ranap Iu-PS
ue_iu_release_inactivity Enable the UTRAN to request the CN to release the Iu connection for a particular UE due to some UTRAN generated reason: OM Intervention, Unspecified Failure, User Inactivity, Repeated Integrity Checking Failure, Release due to UE generated signalling connection release, Radio Connection With UE Lost, Access Restricted Due to Shared Networks ranap Iu-PS
activate_primary_pdp Activate Primary PDP Context ranap Iu-PS
deactivate_pdp Deactivate PDP Context ranap Iu-PS
add_rule Adds a rule that could result in the creation of or the update of a dedicated bearer ranap Iu-PS
routing_area_update Routing area updating to update the registration of the actual routing area of an MS in the network ranap Iu-PS
handover Initiate a handover. ranap Iu-PS
service_request Initiate a Service Request ranap Iu-PS
csfb Intiates a Mobile Originated CSFB procedure. ranap Iu-PS
none Stops the referenced node action. Note: Application (app::xxx) should never be used with event::none in a node-specific command. N/A




Radio Network Controller (RNC) Action <action> rncActionType
Radio Network Controller (RNC) Action <action> rncActionResponseType