PFCP Protocol Commands  <pfcp> 


name nameType
id integer
create flagType
delete flagType





Mode <mode> 0 .. 1 pfcpInterfaceMode
PFCP Peer Control IP Address <peer_ip_address> 0 .. 1 ipAddressType
PFCP Peer Control Host Name <peer_host_name> 0 .. 1 string
PFCP Peer Control Port <peer_port> 0 .. 1 dsInt
Operational Measurements <om> 0 .. 1 omCommandType
 <status> 0 .. 1 nullType



 <pfcp_interface> pfcpInterfaceCommandType






204800 Connection Open Attempt EVENT ACCUMULATOR Connection Open Attempt
204801 Connection Open Success EVENT ACCUMULATOR Connection Open Success
204802 Connection Open Failure ERROR ACCUMULATOR Connection Open Failure
204803 Messages Received EVENT ACCUMULATOR Messages Received
204804 Message Sent EVENT ACCUMULATOR Message Sent
204805 Message Queue Depth VALUE LOG Depth on inbound message queue
204806 Echo Request Received EVENT ACCUMULATOR Echo Request Received
204807 Echo Request Sent EVENT ACCUMULATOR Echo Request Sent
204808 Echo Response Received EVENT ACCUMULATOR Echo Response Received
204809 Echo Response Sent EVENT ACCUMULATOR Echo Response Sent
204810 Node Alive Received EVENT ACCUMULATOR Node Alive Received
204811 Node Alive Sent EVENT ACCUMULATOR Node Alive Sent
204812 Node Alive Response Received EVENT ACCUMULATOR Node Alive Response Received
204813 Node Alive Response Sent EVENT ACCUMULATOR Node Alive Response Sent
204814 Application Request Received EVENT ACCUMULATOR Application Request Received
204815 Application Request Sent EVENT ACCUMULATOR Application Request Sent
204816 Application Response Received EVENT ACCUMULATOR Application Response Received
204817 Application Response Sent EVENT ACCUMULATOR Application Response Sent
204818 Version Not Supported Received EVENT ACCUMULATOR Version Not Supported Messages Received
204819 Version Not Supported Sent EVENT ACCUMULATOR Version Not Supported Messages Sent
204820 Error Indication Sent EVENT ACCUMULATOR Error Indication Sent
204821 Unsupported Messages Received ERROR ACCUMULATOR Unsupported Messages Received
204822 Malformed Messages Received ERROR ACCUMULATOR Malformed Messages Received
204823 Duplicate Messages Received ERROR ACCUMULATOR Duplicate Messages Received
204824 Messages Retransmitted EVENT ACCUMULATOR Messages Retransmitted due to lack of response
204825 Send Window Full ERROR ACCUMULATOR Messages which could not be sent due to send window being full.
204826 Messages Out of Order EVENT ACCUMULATOR Messages received, after a higher sequence number
204827 Receive Window is Reset ERROR ACCUMULATOR Receive Window is reset due to unexpected sequence number
204828 Requests Pending VALUE LOG Outstanding requests, for which an answer has not been received.
204829 Retransmit Attempts Exceeded ERROR ACCUMULATOR Messages which could not be sent due to send window being full.
204830 Max Idle Timeout ERROR ACCUMULATOR Path Failures due to max idle time exceeded.