EMM Cause  <emm_cause> 

Identifies the EMM Cause to be used.


imsi_unknown_in_hss IMSI unknown in HSS
illegal_ue Illegal UE
imei_not_accepted IMEI not accepted
illegal_me Illegal ME
eps_services_not_allowed EPS services not allowed
eps_services_and_non_eps_services_not_allowed EPS services and non-EPS services not allowed
ue_identity_cannot_be_derived_by_the_network UE identity cannot be derived by the network
implicitly_detached Implicitly detached
plmn_not_allowed PLMN not allowed
tracking_area_not_allowed Tracking Area not allowed
roaming_not_allowed_in_this_tracking_area Roaming not allowed in this tracking area
eps_services_not_allowed_in_this_plmn EPS services not allowed in this PLMN
no_suitable_cells_in_tracking_area No Suitable Cells In tracking area
msc_temporarily_not_reachable MSC temporarily not reachable
network_failure Network failure
cs_domain_not_available CS domain not available
esm_failure ESM failure
mac_failure MAC failure
synch_failure Synch failure
congestion Congestion
ue_security_capabilities_mismatch UE security capabilities mismatch
security_mode_rejected_unspecified Security mode rejected, unspecified
not_authorized_for_this_CSG Not authorized for this CSG
non_eps_authentication_unacceptable Non-EPS authentication unacceptable
redirection_to_5gcn_required Redirection to 5GCN required
requested_service_option_not_authorized_in_this_plmn Requested service option not authorized in this PLMN
cs_service_temporarily_not_available CS service temporarily not available
no_eps_bearer_context_activated No EPS bearer context activated
severe_network_failure Severe network failure
semantically_incorrect_message Semantically incorrect message
invalid_mandatory_information Invalid mandatory information
message_type_non_existent_or_not_implemented Message type non-existent or not implemented
message_type_not_compatible_with_the_protocol_state Message type not compatible with the protocol state
information_element_non_existent_or_not_implemented Information element non-existent or not implemented
conditional_ie_error Conditional IE error
message_not_compatible_with_the_protocol_state Message not compatible with the protocol state
protocol_error_unspecified Protocol error, unspecified




MME Action <action> mmeActionType